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Monday morning manhunt near SU ends in arrest

SPD’s chase of a man who decided to make a break for it after he was pulled over near Seattle U’s campus paid off an hour later when they found the suspect hiding near 13th and Marion.

The search that started around 1:47 AM early Monday morning had an added tension as the Crown Victoria the suspect had been driving and another vehicle in the area matched the descriptions of two of the several vehicles seen fleeing a weekend shooting in South Lake Union, according to police radio reports.

The chase took officers and a K9 unit through the streets, backalleys and yards of the area east of SU’s campus.

The suspect was arrested and booked on three charges including DUI and reckless driving.

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2 thoughts on “Monday morning manhunt near SU ends in arrest

  1. Oh mercy sakes land o’ goshen, that simply won’t do.

    (Now that I’ve complained… I will also point out that CHS has very few typos or grammar errors, and deserves mucho de la kudos!)