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Preview Seattle’s view of Monday night lunar eclipse — UPDATE

Sorry kids. It’s going to be grey. And, now, Wiccan Silent Night. Happy Solstice. UPDATE: But the grey doesn’t mean there won’t be good times. See below, below.

Seattle Times: Clouds may obscure view of Monday night’s lunar eclipse

A total eclipse of the moon Monday night will coincide with winter solstice, which means the moon will appear high in the sky and be visible throughout all of North and Central America, including Seattle — weather permitting.

Starting around 10:33 p.m. PST, the full moon, normally illuminated by the sun, will pass through the shadow, or umbra, created by Earth blocking the sun’s light.

Some indirect sunlight still will manage to pierce through and give the moon a ghostly color — brown or maybe deep red rather than the usual orange-yellow tinge, thanks to recent volcanic eruptions that have dumped tons of dust into the atmosphere. More…


UPDATE: Who needs to see the moon when you have this?

Dear All:

Please join me in Cal Anderson park in Seattle on December 20th at 9:29 PM to sing Total Eclipse of the Heart karaoke style for the 73 minutes that the eclipse is, in fact, total.

If you want to bring along music to sing along to with your boombox, feel free. If you want to play an instrument, feel free. If you want to bring your whole band, go ahead. I will have a megaphone so that people can take their turn on the top of the hill if they want. If you bring your own megaphone, don’t be a dick.

Cal Anderson Park:

Event Start: 11P – End: ???

Totality Start: 11:41P – End: 12:53A

We go mobile or indoors if it seems like a good idea.

Feel free to pass this invitation along to whomever. Ideally, the skies will be clear enough to actually witness the Total Eclipse (of the Heart.)

Dress however you like, I suggest warm, festive, and moisture resistant.

Don’t come to take pictures, come to sing!

You may wish to bring coffee or other life-giving drink.’

[since someone asked, you can have one of these in your own town by doing it. lmk, though, because it would be cool.]

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