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Something wicked this way comes: Grim’s set to open on 11th Ave

Playing on themes of the macabre and the cold, wet chill of a foggy, silent Capitol Hill, Grim’s is set to open this weekend on 11th Ave. The e-mail announcing the opening — included below — answers some of the mystery surrounding the project including who is collaborating with Laura Olson, the entrepreneur behind Po Dog and Auto Battery who is now taking a spin in a whole different direction.

Po Dog and Auto Battery are CHS advertisers.

Khampaeng Panyathong’s menu will include a ‘gourmet adaptation of classics,’ the e-mail from Grim’s designer and Olson’s business and life partner Chris Pardo tells us. What it doesn’t address is the behind the scenes branding discussions that must have went on. We heard Grim’s. And then Grim. And now Grim’s again. We also just might have heard wrong.

Grim’s replaces Grey Gallery at the 1512 11th Ave location. More details on how the Grey drama played out here. Here’s the mail sent out by Pardo of Pb Elemental. A special preview party is planned for Saturday with Grim’s gearing up for everybody on Sunday.

Steampunk meets Silent Hill in Seattle’s newest restaurant/lounge recycled, reclaimed, salvaged and re-purposed for your pleasure. Designed by Pb elemental architecture, Grim’s is a purveyor of gourmet provisions and spirits offering lunch, dinner and late-night dining. Enjoy traditional scratch cocktails as well as new hybrid concoctions. Make sure not to miss the Butterfly Lounge featuring over thirty species of exotic butterflies on display.  

Led by the culinary team of Laura Olson (owner of Po Dog, Auto Battery) & Khampaeng Panyathong (formerly of Spring Hill & Herbfarm), Grim’s menu takes ahold of the industrial revolution cafeteria decor and delivers a gourmet adaption of classics. These are not your forefathers salads, soups & sandwiches…try the Bangkok PB featuring spicy coconut peanut butter spread, cucumber, mint and orange marmalade on fresh baguette, a Banana Nutella Panini or one of seven signature crostini plates. Of course we also offer classics like grilled cheese, tomato soup, french dip and more.

Check-in often as we will have a rotating menu and selection of drinks. For those who were fortunate enough to be one of our first 500 “like” on Facebook… you will enjoy a sneak preview of Grim’s this Saturday! Everyone else we will be open starting Sunday with an official grand opening party next Thursday December 9th!

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12 thoughts on “Something wicked this way comes: Grim’s set to open on 11th Ave

  1. Why are dead creatures-on-display so extra cool around here? Smith’s. Linda’s. Etc. The dead are already overwhelming many of the menus… we need to see them splayed on the walls as we eat as well?

  2. Very sad indeed, to imagine the tragic demise of those butterflies, cut down in their prime.

    Instead of the usual week they might have lived in the winged adult stage (without predation), our gentle Arthropodic brethren may have been allowed a meager four or five days before cruel humans caught and MURDERED them.


    tsk tsk.

  3. Maybe you’re being facetious…or not…

    But ever so eloquent are you.

    I’d take four or five days of floating on the wind–even if I knew it would only end in the grill if a car or in the net of a greedy little human who hopes to drink martinis to my carcass….

  4. I am deeply appreciative of my considerably roomier Chordate lifespan.

    The question is, what fraction of its three score and ten do I want to allocate to Grim’s? I’m sure it’s a perfectly nice place, although I prefer my punk broiled rather than steamed.

  5. by the vegetarian masters of this site, seriously, vegetarians, stfu. Go cry over a bowl of tofu someplace. If a place serves meat, it serves meat. No amount of internet bitching you do is going to change that. You just come off as preachy, whiny, condescending, narcissistic and a drag to be around. Which, now that I think about it, is actually how you come off in real life too. And yes, I know you don’t watch TV either.

  6. What we don’t need is more businesses from these two “entrepreneurs”. No need to try to own Capital Hill. It’s not for sale. Concentrate on the businesses you already have because neither of them are that great. Our neighborhood doesn’t need greedy people like you trying to Bellevueize the hill.