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Capitol Hill food + drink notes: The Confectional coming to Broadway, pho replaces ‘Raja

So far in 2011, notes has told you about an amazing new noodle joint and delicious tacos headed for the Hill. How about something for dessert in this day-after-the-MLK holiday edition of food + drink notes? Got a tip? Thanks, sweetie.

  • CHS contributor Josh Mahar is a genius and the most practical urbanist we know. Man also, it turns out, is a dessert expert. Recently, Josh opined thusly on the news of new restaurants coming to the Joule building:

    With Dulces Latin Bistro joining Poppy, Olivar, and Gallerias in the high end food market on North Broadway (not to mention a high energy workout studio), someone would do well to open one of these dessert boutiques in the area. Plus, then I wouldn’t have to trek it down South to satisfy my sweet tooth.

    The Dulces news has already shifted (more on that below) but Josh was dead on in regards to Broadway sweets. From an e-mail inquiry passed along by Josh after his curiosity was piqued by the CHS comment thread, we’ve learned that Pike Place Market’s The Confectional is planning to bring its cheesecakes and 2 (or 3)-bite-size truffles to north Broadway.

    According to Confectional’s Destiny Sund, the new dessert spot will snuggle into the empty space next to Poppy. We reported on Harem moving out of the location last year. To the south will be the temporary home of Bank of America while the 230 Broadway project is completed and the overhauled Jade Pagoda space that will be home to a new gym and another new business when it is completed this spring.

    Sund says Confectional will be baking on site and the front lobby will have tables where people can sit and enjoy their cheesecake. Sund says the plan is to be open by spring. You can learn more at

  • More on the Dulces thing. in cased you missed it, we reported the owners of Dulces are now planning to open in the under-construction Oola Distillery building at 14th and Union. But in the CHS comments, Oola’s owner says hold your horses, no paper work has been signed. Yet.
  • Oola’s Kirby Kallas-Lewis also tells us Skillet is easing into its brick and mortar future by serving up chow every Wednesday for lunch at 14th and Union.
  • So what else is moving into Joule besides Mod Pizza? Multiple tipsters including cranky Calhoun tell us a place called Saizen Sushi is destined for the location. Owner is from Puyallup, according to state documents.
  • Also providing CHS with some tasty scoopage is a neighbor who is helping to fill in the details of the Indochine Kitchen we’ve reported is destined to replace Kurrent on East Pine:

    Not sure if this has been printed yet or not, but I was at the annual board meeting for the Press condos last night.  A question came up about what was going on with the space formerly occupied by kurrent.  Apparently, a lease has not quite been signed, but renovations have begun for a new “asian fusion” restaurant (surprise!) with a slated opening in March 2011.  Also, no more DJ booth apparently.

  • Neighbor Pete tells us Pike Street Beer signs say the shop is closed for a month. Store was up for sale this summer.
  • Hey, look. The Central District is getting its own craft distillery, too.
  • Smith needs a new door.
  • Another mystery solved: What’s next for the old Maharaja space. @JTContinental tells us signs say the joint will be called Pho Le. Hard to track down too much on it at this point though we need to make a few calls. Corporation is listed as Pho Le’s. City business license lists the chuckle-worthy moniker Pho Les which would probably work as a concept if anybody is interested in picking up the idea.
  • CHS advertiser Poco Wine Room is hosting Dusted Valley Vinters for a wine tasting party this Thursday. Jan 20th. 6-9 PM. This one is good enough to command a tasting fee. $10.
  • Image: @matthickey

  • Rosebud celebrated a birthday Monday night with a “new menu, new owner, the addition of a grand piano, new bathrooms, new special nights.” Congrats.
  • Calf & Kid hosts “Cheese 101” Sunday, January 23 from 4-6 PM.
  • @matthickey wondered: “Whoa. Since when has the Egyptian Theater been a coffee stand!?” CHS swears it hasn’t operated any time in recent history but others said otherwise. Been there forever, they said. Do you really live here, they said. Have to stoop to get your coffee, they said.
  • After the news that Homegrown Sandwiches was killing its late night weekend hours for the foreseeable future, we wondered about another of the Hill’s night owl food and drink experiments. Glo’s Julie Reisman says their late-night serving is here to stay. “The late night is going really well at Glo’s and we look forward to what the spring and Summer bring!”
  • Seattle Weekly loves La Bete, drops the troublesome circumflex.
  • Seattle Met wonders what happened to Ni Sandwich. Silly Met, you should read CHS for more than our food posts. 230 Broadway project means that whole block’s gotta clear out. Even you, Africa Mama. Even you.
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4 thoughts on “Capitol Hill food + drink notes: The Confectional coming to Broadway, pho replaces ‘Raja

  1. YAY!!! I no longer will have to fight the cruise ship spectators crowding the streets waiting for a fish to be thrown to get my Cheesecake! They have the best Cheesecake on the the West Coast hands down!

  2. There is a simple menu posted in the window at the former ‘Raja site. There is also a liquor license application posted on the window at the future Indochine site. Work proceeds sporadically and the green walls are gone.