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Capitol Hill 2010 in pictures

These images tell the story of a year on Capitol Hill from a community of viewpoints. We’re proud to be a unifying factor bringing together so many of these views. Some of the images are from our biggest, most important stories. Some are simply great pictures. Some just happen to capture an interesting moment in the year. You can click each image to learn more about the story behind the picture and the CHS contributor who was there to record a view of Capitol Hill.

Underrepresented in all of this are the images of Capitol Hill on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and beyond created by all of us. Thanks especially to those of you who share your images in the CHS Flickr pool. A few examples from this amazing mix are included below — thousands more streamed by. We did what we could to capture and share the best. If you have something we missed, let us know. We’re looking forward to seeing what you create in 2011 and adding our work to the mix.



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3 thoughts on “Capitol Hill 2010 in pictures

  1. CHS has long done an exceptional job of connecting friends, neighbors, & visitors to our little hood; I, and countless others, are thankful for an organization that records our history as it happens, shares daily events as well as long-time concerns, and helps network residents in a genuine, personal manner. To jseattle and all who contribute their time and talents: may 2011 be your best year yet. Cheers!! xx xx

  2. Thanks so much for this site… I love being able to get the info on all the happenings around the neighborhood all in one place. I hope the new iteration of CHS will continue the fine traditions you have laid down.

  3. “How we came to be here
    called driven dreaming self-conveyed”

    from a photo in this collection followed a previous comment “From Stardust we come to earth we fall”

    May have to really look to see the connection.
    Seriously,Good stuff. You have a good eye.Good Luck.