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Police track down suspected DUI hit-and-run driver after woman struck on Capitol Hill

A woman was struck by a driver in a pick-up truck as she crossed East Pine near Boylston early Saturday morning. The vehicle fled the scene but police were able to track the female driver miles away thanks to two observant witnesses at R Place who saw the collision.

We don’t have details on the woman’s condition at this time but she was reported to be down on the pavement in front of Linda’s Tavern, conscious but bleeding from the head.

Police tracked down the suspect in her pick-up on 23rd Ave near Dearborn. The two witnesses from R Place were driven to 23rd where they identified the pick-up truck and the driver. The female suspect was taken into custody and transported to the East Precinct where an SPD drug recognition expert was called in to evaluate her condition.

East Pine was shut down after the 2:15 AM crash as medics attended to the injured woman. It was re-opened around 2:30 AM as the woman was transported from the scene but quickly closed again just after 3 AM when the SPD Traffic Collision Investigation Squad was called to the scene to process the area for evidence and to interview witnesses.

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4 thoughts on “Police track down suspected DUI hit-and-run driver after woman struck on Capitol Hill

  1. Thanks to the observant bystanders! I hope the woman pulls through. That is so sad. I live 2 blocks from there and it’s remarkable how many cars speed through the crosswalk. It’s a busy one especially that time of night. Drivers and pedestrians must be cautious.

  2. The woman was in the same group of people as me, and we all saw the collision for the most part. Right afterward, a couple dozen people immediately came to help, and a few of them were EMT’s. They really held the situation together, and the police were there within a minute.

    I would note that there were many people in the crosswalk at the time, with cars waiting for them to pass when this ladies truck came crashing through.

  3. You are right. Boylston and Pine really is dangerous. Drivers speed through that intersection all the time. Even the “patient” ones in the oncoming lane will inch into the intersection and basically try to push you out of the crosswalk (i.e. they drive over the crosswalk on the other side of the intersection, drive into the intersection itself, and wait on the intersection-side of the crosswalk with the pedestrian in it).

    A four way stop, or even just a two way stop seems like it might help curtail this phenomenon a bit.

  4. Drivers routinely fly down the hill without regard to the law which states that pedestrians have the right of way. Sure it might be raining out but they are in a car and therefore better than a pedestrian. That seems to be what many think so for someone to hit and run is just awful. I hope she is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I had some guy in a his red Toyota yell at me for crossing at an unmarked intersection by Six Arms the other day that I should be using a crosswalk. What an idiot, a cross walk does not have to be painted there to make it legal to cross. And I doubt as a taxpayer he wants to pay for painting every intersection with a cross walk.