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The Big Crane arrives on Broadway: 250-foot arm will be part of skyline for years

Last week, we received a note from neighbor Matt. The Big Crane had arrived:

A while ago you reported the rumor of the big crane coming to the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station under construction…but so far there’s been no sign.  Part of it came today.   I was walking along the red wall on Broadway and was stopped at Denny as a big truck came in with a large red trailer…the guys manning the entrance seemed confused about what it was.  One finally told everyone that it’s part of the big crane. 

Earlier this week, he sent us another update, it was going up.

We don’t know yet how long it takes to assemble such a thing — we have a question or two out to Sound Transit — but that growing grid of red bars is the base to a Krøll 1800 (Capitol Hill’s is the metric model) that will be set up at about 100 feet off the ground (they can be as tall as 200, has a whopping 250-foot jib (that’s the big arm), and can lift more than 30,000 pounds at full extension and more than 130,000 when operating at a shorter radius. It can also operate in up to 45 mile-per-hour winds and can stand up to 94 mph if not operating, according to the manufacturer.

The jib arm will be pretty incredible to behold. At almost 250 feet long, it will reach the perimeter — and beyond — of almost the entire work site. The crane is also electric and should be quieter and cleaner than standard behemoth cranes. Sound Transit had expected the crane to be raised in December so we’ll also check in on the small delay for the big crane.

You can tune into light rail station and tunnel construction yourself on the CHS Construction Cam page


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