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Another night of SPD protests comes to Hill

Out of the bars and into the streets is the chant as anti police protesters have returned to the streets of Capitol Hill.


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16 thoughts on “Another night of SPD protests comes to Hill

  1. Was this why there was a massive caravan traveling down I5 south around 9:45 tonight? At least ten cop cars with lights on but no sirens were doing around 70 mph. They got off at Roanoke and I lost sight of them.

  2. I want to be clear: Ian Birk committed manslaughter, possibly murder. He deserves to be tried for his crimes and has gotten away with LESS than a slap of the wrist.

    But these protesters are downright dickish. I saw masked losers throwing what looked like loosely wadded clumps of TP at police for absolutely no good reason, the tiny crowd wandered through the streets looking confused and without objective, except being loud noticeable pests. Posters read “Off the Pigs” and I could have sworn I heard chanting that said “Kill All Cops”. Productive little protesters in the most fashionable and Williamsburg-approved garb right?

    They accomplished *NOTHING* except proving that they are ignorant, reactionary simpletons, no better than the tea party or westboro church tards if you think about it. It’s sad because it invalidates the cause, and the police are behaving incredibly well through all this flashy circus, which only accelerates the turn in public opinion. (I am glad to hear that pedestrians were apologizing to the cops, they deserve it right now)

    Also, sorry, but it needs to be asked: would these half as$ed protests really be happening if we were living in other times? Like any other city, Seattle is full of injustices happening everyday, but it’s also full of trendy hipsters with nothing else to do on a cloudy day, and I have the inkling suspicion they seemed to be craving to fill their idle/comfy February night with a Jazmine revolution of their own.

    I generalize. I am sure many people were there for the right reason, but certainly not the masked losers throwing toilet paper or water bottles, or the knee-jerk jerks claiming theres no diversity on the Hill.

    I am brown, not from the United States and I worked hard to get a sweet apartment near the precint that afforded me a view of tonight’s charade and the similar one that happened before. If I go down in a fit of police brutality, the least I ask of my neighbors is a bit more sincerity and purpose than what we all witnessed from these unfocused dorks tonight.

  3. This outrage is BS. You all wouldn’t be pissed off if Williams had been white. All the cops did was take down a threat on the street. When faced with REAL facts, all you can do is pull the race card. The only reason there’s outrage is because Williams is a person of color.

    People didn’t show up for your “protest” because they’re adults and know the cops did nothing wrong.

    And before you say he’d be alive if he was white, you all know that’s bullshit too. The man had a knife and a police officer neutralized the threat, period.

  4. Why do we still have cops mounted on horse? Maybe those tax dollars should be spent on training the SPD how not to murder Seattle citizens. Then again my office still has a fax machine…

  5. You are very correct about manslaughter. There has to be intent in order to be murder and I doubt Birke woke up thinkinking about killing some homeless dude. Excellent post. Where is the like button?

  6. Excellent comment, Carlos! I too think that many “protestors” are not sincerely committed to an issue, but instead are just trendy hipsters who are bored and looking for something to do with their way-too-much free time.

  7. I think that lots of people are outraged, but we are not willing to join a mob of anarchist punks whose only interest is in showing off to their “peers” by public/private property destruction.

    To those of you angry at the King Co. Prosecutor because of his decision not to criminally charge Birk, you should work to change the state laws which prevented him from doing so.

    Birk will be held accountable in at least two ways. He has lost his job as a police officer, and will likely never be able to get a job in law enforcement anywhere again. Also, without doubt there will be a civil suit by the Williams’ family (as there should be), and Birk will be held liable for millions of dollars. I believe his killing of John Williams was criminal too, but at least he will have some serious consequences for this heinous act.

  8. I can tell you that i have severe ideological differences with capital ‘A’ Anarchists let alone small ‘a’ anarchists. That said i know that my lot is better thrown in with those voicing ANY opposition to police as we should all be outraged at this pathetic decision. As I talk to people, I hear nothing but disgust over the injustice and tacit approval of police violence and in the next breath they will give me ten reasons not to demonstrate their differences which boil down to “i don’t want to be lumped in with them”. Well, the news is that you are now lumped in with being part of the problem. I don’t think anyone in Tahrir Square thought “i don’t want to be seen as X,Y or Z”. They woke up to realize they were better with off taking a stand than lying down and taking it. There is a lot to be learned from what’s happening right now. Stand up!

    I also have no desire to form collations with people more interested in their own interests or how they look coming up with every excuse in the world for why they won’t take a stand with the people and express just and righteous anger over a gang of thugs like the SPD. So go ahead, stay home, keep silent, you weaken any group you lend yourself too anyhow so we don’t want you.

  9. I truly wonder how many of these dumb ignorant screaming assholes even now what they are really out there for. To me they have blurred the real issue and are causing most of us out here to hate them. They seem to just be out there to act out and be mean. Nice job you idiot.

  10. I also believe Ian burk was wrong. However the state had made there decision and the law is the law. Talk to your elected officials to change that. However there are alot of great officers who put there life on the line everyday for us. So stop the hatred and lets all look at the whole pic. not just a few small incedents. If they were saving your life one day, trust me you may think diffrent. The city has issues so lets look at helping to resolve them and not cause more anger or violence.

  11. The news was reporting that additional officers from the North Precinct were called down to lend a hand. That was probably them leaving back North after it was all over.