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Blink lash bar makes glamorous debut in the Loveless building

Owner Brittany Wilson shows off new Hill lash salon Blink as two grand opening guests look on.

A little bit of Los Angeles style has moved onto Broadway and Roy. Saturday night, Blink lash bar celebrated its grand opening with a party in its overhauled space. We introduced you to owners Brittany Wilson and Corey Parker in December.  You might want to borrow their contractor. Right on schedule, they debuted their new business that has taken the only inelegant thing about the Loveless building — the travel agency that used to call the space home left in August — and transformed it into a classy little salon.

“Nobody was doing lashes right,” Wilson told CHS Saturday night. “It’s such a popular thing where people are a little more glamorous.”

So, what’s a lash bar? Basically, a salon for your eyelashes. Blink will offer a variety of services designed to give you lovely lashes — and save you time. The service menu list is below. You’ll note the price of glamor *and* convenience combined is not inexpensive — especially if you want your new lashes to be made of mink.

Blink opens to the public on Tuesday at 715 Broadway East in Seattle. For more information, visit

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17 thoughts on “Blink lash bar makes glamorous debut in the Loveless building

  1. This is more Bellevue than Seattle, much less Capitol Hill, I think, but best of luck to them. It’s not a nail salon, check casher, or chain restaurant.

  2. This place is amazing! It’s beautiful, elegant and as a woman who gets her eyelashes done, it is right on the price point with the other salons that offer the service. I definitely will be trying this place. It’s exactly what Capitol Hill needs. Why does Bellevue get all the nice places? Don’t we deserve some nice scenery, too?

    My neighborhood is surrounded by multi-million dollar mansions. Have you guys seen North Capitol Hill? If any neighborhood can afford it, it’s this one. Good luck to Blink!

  3. Super glammy and fun. I can’t wait to try it out. I’ve never had my eyelashes done, but have been curious about them. I love the LA look and can’t wait to check it out in person. What a cute dog!

  4. This is just Bellevue masquerading as a Capitol Hill hipster trying desperately to give off a aura of hipness while trying to eek out a couple hundred bucks on lashes.

    It has nothing to do with the money, either — if you have it, spend it. That’s how the world goes round. Hell, as far as personal grooming goes, this is pretty much in line. A couple hundred bucks isn’t really too much when one starts spending money in this arena.

    What annoys me is how this business thinks what they do is the end-all, be-all SO VERY IMPORTANT enterprise. I mean, look at their website: “Applying extensions is a highly technical and skilled procedure.” No, no it’s not. Performing open-heart surgery is highly technical and skilled. Please.

    This place will go the same way as the travel agency… I give it three to six months.

  5. You’re kind of a douche for the “I give it three to six months”. You don’t know them personally, I doubt you know anything about their business and I really doubt you’re some sort of eyelash expert. Quit being an internet asshole and shut up.

  6. I agree with the “douche” comment above. You have no idea what their business is about and I’m sure you have no idea how to run a business because you probably work as a minion for someone else.

    I guess when you don’t have the imagination to start your own business, it’s easy to trash other people’s.

    What a pathetic person to hide behind mean internet blogs and you can’t even give your name?

    What annoys ME are mean-spirited bloggers with nothing better to do with their time; not businesses that think they’re the “end all-be all”.

    Unless you’ve applied eyelash extensions yourself, how do you know it’s not a skilled procedure? I have a feeling you haven’t done eyelashes or open-heart surgery, but you’re great at saying “welcome to McDonalds, how may I help you?”

  7. I was super excited to hear about this place!
    It looks gorgeous!
    Then I saw the prices!
    Holy shit!
    That’s more than tattooing, and you get to keep that for rest of your life. I don’t doubt that it is a time consuming, and tedious, procedure, and I’m sure you look super glam, but geeze who in this hood can afford it, especially considering the refill prices are only good if you go every month??

    And on a side note – let’s just take a count of what all a woman is expected to spend on looking good:
    yoga/gym membership?
    shampoo, conditioner, body scrubs, foot polishers, body lotion, face lotion, makeup, hair products, perfume, and now $100 every 3 weeks for my lashes?

  8. Looks like a lovely place, but I have to say those prices are ridiculous!!! Go to West Seattle and get your lashes done for half that price!

  9. I like how the ladies defending this place have their panties in such a ‘I’m a boutique owner and proud of it’ wad. Sure, us ‘angry internet bloggers’ may piss you off. But you’re the ladies who are pacing around your overpriced shops, scanning CHS news stories, and adding this OH SO aggravating thread to your list of what I like to call “White Girl Problems.” In other words, calm down. The level of people who are rolling their eyes at this Blink place are infinite. Who cares what their eyelashes look like? This ain’t LA. Where’s the demographic for this? Madrona, Bellevue. The end.

  10. Thanks for the concern Kim, however judging from our business since we opened last week the demographic around the salon doesn’t seem to be a problem! We welcome clients from every neighborhood around Seattle(Bellevue too) not just capitol hill.

    Feel free to stop by anytime, we would love to do your lashs too! You might just like it.