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Hill biz notes: Edgar the Store is no more, B of A new home, new design shop on Madison?

It’s been awhile since we uncorked a CHS biz notes edition with a Capitol Hill assortment of news and etc. from the retail and selling stuff besides food, drink and entertainment end of things. Something we missed?, please

  • Edgar the Store has closed its red doors for good. Thanks to the several of you who sent in a note or a question about the north Broadway shop shutting down. We haven’t had a chance to ask what was behind the decision. We profiled Edgar Lee’s retail effort here in June 2009 when the red-doored boutique of random interesting things opened. Checking the records, no obvious signs of an imminent transition to a pizza, Thai, pho or sushi restaurant, yet.

  • That same north end of the street will be the new Broadway home for Bank of America come Monday. The temporary home near Poppy will house the bank through construction of the 230 Broadway project. The Monday February 7 opening in the new space indicates demolition of the old space is imminent. Get ready to for some Tonka action at Broadway and Thomas.


  • The University District Twice Sold Tales is closing its doors at the end of March but the Capitol Hill edition is hanging in there. The Harvard Ave Twice Sold is operated separately from Twice Sold Enterprises, the company behind the University District Store in a relationship that probably only Capitol Hill owner Jamie Lutton and Stranger book nerd Paul Constant can explain. Anyway, go buy a book already.
  • In our shoddiest reporting ever, we can tell you there is a new nail salon opened on 12th Ave near Denny but we can’t tell you much more. If you have stopped by or know the scoop, do share. We recently wrote about a couple more specialty salons joining the Capitol Hill body service fray.
  • Scenic Drive E. Pike Factory is holding an indoor market the weekend before Valentine’s Day. The February 12th and 13th sale promises “a fine curated designer showcase featuring unique local makers and doers.” Cupid loves a well-turned marketing phrase. That’s hot. You can find them at 611 E. Pike St.
  • More shoddy reporting. The empty-seemingly-forever storefront on Madison just up from Piecora’s is showing signs of life and appears to be full of vintage furniture and furnishings. No sign up advertising a name however so we’re stumped. But, yes, furniture/design shop, it appears.
  • We’re at 23rd and Madison’s Patty Pan for breakfast Friday morning between 8 and 10a. Stop by, say hi and have a cup of coffee on CHS.
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19 thoughts on “Hill biz notes: Edgar the Store is no more, B of A new home, new design shop on Madison?

  1. From my conversations with the owner of Edgar a week ago, it was clear that he was closing this location because the rent was too high. I believe his plan was to find a location about 2/3 the size that he could still share with the frame shop in back. He will revisit his inventory to only include the more standard types of gifts that the average person wants to buy (candles and the like). He will then privately consult on the very special items for those customers interested. I hope this helps. I hope he stays near us on the hill.

  2. I’m looking to get in touch with him regarding a furniture item a friend was planning to purchase next week. Any contact information would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Unless there is another branch that I don’t know about, they are moving from one location to the other, as the building for the current branch is being demolished (as alluded to in the post).

  4. Well, the rent was “too damn high” only relative to the type of merchandise offered and the sales generated. The owner knew this going in not that long ago. Seems like an overly-optimistic business plan to me.

  5. So that new place up the way from Piecoras is called Happy Endings. Just stopped in and ended up buying something. The owner I am told is named Peggy, but she wasn’t in. Great guy named David helped us. Was told they just opened up yesterday, hours are roughly noon to 6, but could change.
    Seemed to have great prices and a great selection.
    Glad to see someone local move in and have wears geared toward the neighborhood.

  6. Regarding the new BOA, what is the need for so much parking. Between the lot behind them and the one on the corner, they have 39 parking spots, by my count. This seems an awful lot for a mostly pedestrian area such as Capitol Hill.

    Does anyone know if this was because BOA really wanted so much parking, or is there some archaic regulation that requires it?

  7. Maybe because people who have money on Capitol Hill and have banking business to conduct live in houses, condos or apartments more than four blocks away from the branch and taking the bus is not an option??? Just guessing.

  8. Unfortunate to see it go … Now, if could get the items I had on consignment back, not to mention the money owed me … Related phone numbers are all “voice mail is full”. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

  9. Just saying that 39 spaces seem way more than they really need. Is there a City regulation that dictates this many? What will the business that moves into the old Jade Pagoda space do for parking?

  10. Edgar TRhe Store LLC has an address of Edgar The Store LLC
    1122 E Pike Street # 1183
    Phone: (206) 328-4343

    which I am pretty sure is that mailboxes place near 12th. So who knows if that is viable. Technically I think that address could be used for a small claims court action, that mail drop. I am also keeping an eye on Craigslist for my stuff … If anyone knows where he lives, that would be the easiest way to serve him…

  11. I didn’t find out the store was closed til a week or so ago when I walked by, which is what I get for not reading CHS blog more frequently. I just thought he had forgotten to get ahold of me, or was caught up in returning everyone else’s consigments and would get to me soon enough. But seeing as several other local crafters are having the same problem that I am, it might be time to take steps. I left a message at the number Deran posted (thanks Deran!), and will file a report at the E. Precinct in the next few days as well. It might just be a case of being busy, but its been weeks and I’d like my goods back or paid for.

  12. Yes, that number I posted now goes through to voice mail (instead of being full and taking no more messages). I did leave Edgar a message today.

  13. I am happy to say I have sorted everything out with Edgar to my satisfaction. Stuff returned, money paid. I wish Edgar the best in his future projects.