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No tears in your beer: Pike Street store has a new owner, apparently

All the hysteria, gnashing of teeth and tears were unnecessary. We apologize. Maybe. According to an e-mail from Pike Street Beer and Wine’s owner Tony Yap passed on to us, a new owner is coming in to operate a bottle shop at the East Pike at Belmont store.


On Thursday, CHS reported that Yap was closing his store after a many-month attempt to sell the shop. It’s not clear whether the new buyer has just stepped forward or if this was something that was already in the works. Yap has yet to reply to our messages.

If the new owner is, indeed, stepping in, you can likely expect the store to remain closed for additional weeks. At this time, we have not seen any applications with the state for a change in liquor license for the address.

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3 thoughts on “No tears in your beer: Pike Street store has a new owner, apparently

  1. If the new owners will actually keep the store open during hours when people typically buy beer (after work, on weekends), then maybe they will succeed. Seriously, the hours this place has kept make the WA state liquor store hours look vast.

  2. Definitely. The store really went downhill quickly after Tony stopped running day-to-day operations. Bad hours, lack of selection, staff that knew little about beer…

    I hope the new owner is successful.