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First look (but not ours): Poquitos hustles toward Monday opening

We aren’t the biggest fans of the media relations management that goes along with big, new food and drink openings. But when teams are spending +$240,000 on build-outs, you can sympathize with the urge to control the messaging. So it goes with Poquitos. There are some opening festivities coming over the next few nights before an official opening for all on Monday the 28th. The neon Poquito sign is hung. From the photos provided to us by the restaurant and included in this post, the new space is gorgeous. And not to sound like complete sour pusses — thanks for sharing the pictures with us. We also threw in one of our own shots from the outside and a picture of some of the cool tiles featured on the Poquitos Facebook page. If you missed it, here’s what you’ll find at Poquitos come Monday. Or earlier.

Not our picture (Image: Poquitos)

Also not ours (Image: Poquitos)

Our picture! Quality! (Image: CHS)

Cool tiles (Image: Poquitos)

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4 thoughts on “First look (but not ours): Poquitos hustles toward Monday opening

  1. I love Mexican. Pike/Pine has come a LONG way since that poor excuse for a place that used to be located where Quinn’s is now. Bring it!

  2. La Puerta lives on, you know. On Broadway. Thanks for the note — seems worthy of a CHS visit given all the changes since its E Pike days.

  3. This place looks f*$king amazing! The tiles, the leather chairs, and the lighting… I’m ready for a little ‘vacation’, a margarita in a place far far far away from all the usual places on the hill. Ahhh, salud!