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On the List: big screen Chat Roulette, Bake it in a Cake + CakeSpy bake sale, Yoni Ki Baat at SAAM

Are you ‘living life out loud’ on Capitol Hill? Better fill in those empty spots in your schedule. Here’s our latest look at upcoming good times on and around Capitol Hill. Have something to add? Our CHS Calendar is open to everybody or you can send us mail at We’re also proud to be sponsoring one of this week’s events. We hope you’ll consider a special “bring your date” deal to see Ambient Intimacy at 12th Ave’s Northwest Film Forum on Friday night. We’re talking *live* Facebook and Chat Roulette on the big screen here, folks. Details on this and events from the rest of the week, below.

Ambient Intimacy
Special deal: Admission is Buy One, Get One Free!

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Friday, Mar 25 at 08:00PM

After the Hollywood film and its numerous awards, the words “the social network” are firmly in our vocabulary. Almost weekly news stories herald the loss of privacy due to the proliferation of such social networks. Even US government secrets went public in the form of WikiLeaks! All this raises the question: have we as a culture become ambiently intimate with each other?

This program will explore ways in which those intimate moments make their way into the public sphere.  Ambient Intimacy presents a selection of the web’s most notoriously intimate moments; blogger moms,  live interactive Facebook profile construction game, chat roulette on the big screen,  and generally a show-and-tell unlike anything you’ve experienced in a theater before. Be a part of it!

Bring a friend for free! All tickets (purchased in advance or at the door) will be honored as admission for two people.

  • Thursday: Kiddie concert at East Olive Way Starbucks
  • Friday through Sunday: Yoni Ki Baat at the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park 

Inspired by Vagina Monologues, Aaina’s spotlight event Yoni Ki Baat (YKB), is a collection of authentic, bold, and powerful stories that are sourced, written, and narrated by local South Asian women, through extensive story-building workshops, and also told on stage by local South Asian women.

This year there are tales of courage, spunk, pain, fortitude, survival, coming of age, motherhood, daughter-hood, confusion, naughtiness, humor, imagination, sensuality and sexuality. All of them original, all of them untold, all of them bold, all of them local. And all of them transcending gender, class and cultures in appeal and relevance.

This year our stories also connect the dots to form a master narrative, which asks important questions about gender, patriarchy, abuse and oppression, and also paints a bold vision for exercising choice and celebrating body, sexuality and love. Our narratives are as much daring questions and challenges posed to the world, as they are baring reflections of ourselves in the mirror, in the true spirit of AAINA. Yoni Ki Baat will showcase 16 narratives written by local South Asian women!! A portion of the proceeds from YKB will be given to Chaya.

There will be dozens and dozens (and dozens!) of cupcakes! Filled with delicious things! Available for your purchase (bring cash, sweeties!) and eating! At a shop full of adorable cards, art and gifts! What other information could you possibly need?

Date/Time: Saturday, March 26, 12pm – 5pm

Location: CakeSpy Shop, 415 E Pine Street, Seattle WA

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