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Signs of Capitol Hill things to come: Poquitos, Bleu, Varro, Social Skins

As fellow Capitol Hill blog types Cap to the Hill point out, some of the neighborhood’s anticipated projects have moved to the “sign” phase while others seem to be only pretenders. Bleu Grotto is definitely much more than rumor. As is Poquitos, slated for an opening later this week. See? Here’s the sign:

Thanks to neighbor Kate for sharing even though she’s not a fan, she says. We’re told Poquitos — or is it Poquito’s? — founders acquired the sign years ago while on travels in Mexico. So it’s muy autentico. UPDATE: Wrong! It’s muy autentico because it’s from Greenwood! Details below.More details on what the arrival of the neon Poquito heralds, here.

While we’re talking new signs, 12th Ave’s Varro lounge is gearing up for an end-of-month debut and has the lights on to say hello.

(Image: Varro)

As for the pretender Cap to the Hill points out, yup, East Olive Way’s Online Cafe never opened this weekend past as the hand-written signs indicated was the plan. We haven’t heard back from anybody associated with the project, yet, so nothing to report on the situation other than to note the replacement for Online Coffee Company hasn’t opened yet.

CHS community contributor umvue hooked us up with news of a sign and an imminent opening on north Broadway. Social Skins Tattoo is making final preparations for a Wednesday opening at the old home of Broadway News . Commenter Tony notes, rightly, that the new shop is a project of tattoo artist Bryan Griffith  formerly of Apocalypse Tattoo. Tony also says he’s getting work done in the new shop on Wednesday. We’re certain he’s adding a CHS Crow somewhere highly visible.

Thanks for the post and picture, umvue


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14 thoughts on “Signs of Capitol Hill things to come: Poquitos, Bleu, Varro, Social Skins

  1. can’t wait for poquitos, should be awesome! besides rancho bravo cap hill is devoid of good mexican food. tequila!

  2. Just a little history on the sign- while many of the components of the restaurant design were found in Mexico, the sign was actually salvaged here in Seattle and is from a restaurant that existed on Greenwood Ave in the 60’s and 70’s. The man on the sign was the proprietor who would serenade his clientele, guitar in hand, when he had the time. It was called Poquitos because it was a small restaurant space. This space, not so much.

  3. Ahhh, thanks. I had in my notes that it had been acquired in Mexico. The ‘Mexican Food’ part of the sign makes more sense now. I’ll make a note above.

  4. I am very much looking forward to some great Italian coffee. I like the bar feel and coffee culture of Italy a lot. When is the Varro opening?

  5. It was open in to the 1980s because I remember going there is a kid. The tree growing through the roof was one of my earliest memories :)

  6. Thanks for the info, Emily! We’d love to hear more about the old place- none of us had the opportunity to visit it before it closed. Please stop in if you’re ever in the neighborhood- first margarita is on us!

  7. I LOVED this place- I remember old framed newspaper articles on the wall about the guitar player- and I remember the old Ex-Military Cook in the tiny place with the tree growing up through it… I don’t believe I ever realized it was the same person? My buddy I ate there with (a 100 times) knew ‘All things POQUITOS’, but alas he has passed on. Sigh. It was no frills Tex-Mex at its authentic finest. I cannot believe my FaVORITE Restauranteer has been sitting on this sign…
    I AM SO THERE!!!