‘Speakeasy 7’ make first court appearance — UPDATE

The arraignment of seven men charged in what police say was an illegal gambling and drug operation that included a Pike/Pine card room known as “The Yard” is scheduled for Wednesday morning at the King County Courthouse.

The charges stem from an undercover investigation of Seattle card rooms that surfaced after a SWAT raid at the Winston Apartment building at the corner of Pike and 11th in 2009. Rick Wilson, the man authorities say headed the operation, has already faced federal prosecution, but an interesting new sub-plot emerged earlier this week when the Seattle PI reported an FBI investigation that revealed Wilson’s efforts to smuggle 23 guns to Chiapas rebels.

One of the seven charged is artist D.K. Pan, now curator of the Sound Transit public art program at the Broadway light rail station construction site. Prosecutors say Pan served as a “COO” or chief operations officer of the illegal gambling operation.

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4 thoughts on “‘Speakeasy 7’ make first court appearance — UPDATE

  1. “Waited to be handcuffed and processed for custody”? That’s not a regular part of the process. Could you elaborate? Presumably, they plead “not guilty,” were given court dates, noted it on their calendars, and went on about their business. Who’s handcuffing whom, and why?

  2. The defendants have to be processed if they haven’t been arrested on the charge. In other words, they just need their prints taken in order to link the person to the charge.

  3. I wonder when the first cardroom/art collective/gun & drug running themed “speakeasy” bar will open up on the Hill. Who will be the first? Kemper probably wants to make his footprint on the Hill sometime….

  4. Interesting to drag Zapatistas into this. Known for their clear integrity, this kind of shady operation hardly seems connected. Something wrong here. Clarity from start to finish in striving for earth, otherwise quickly descends into death squad behaviors. No more paramiliaries, death squads, killer bullies.