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Dilution-a word we love to embrace


What a great word!!!  Dilution |diˈloō sh ən; dī-|noun: the action of making a liquid more dilute. The action of making something weaker in force, content, or value.

A word that calms, soothes, brings tranquility, offers serenity, leaves us nonplussed, unexcited, unfazed and composed to the realities swirling around us.

Knowing the ocean is great enough to dilute giant tonnage of radioactive water spewing from reactors in Japan allows us to tuck in comfortably at night. No worries, the ocean critters will do their job munching away the horrific poisons working their collective way towards our dinner plates.
We have confidence, as the gulf absorbed and diluted, the immeasurable amount of oil that pumped into the semi serene waters of that pristine ecosystem. Ah, thanks to gods, we have escaped another finality by our seas ability to dilute the toxins swimming through the system.
Knowing all those forces in the water, working in our behalf, are working to dilute the horrors brought to us by the unlimited avarice of oil barons allows us to drill deeper and further out to sea. The Exxon Valdez cleanup has proved the arctic seas are willing to work in our behalf. Don’t be bothered by the reality of the damage dumped on the water and creatures in March of 1989 and the actuality that it has not been diluted to purity. Lawsuits and environmental damage continue all these years later.

While looking away from the attack on our planet we dilute our friendships by gathering hundreds, if not thousands, of friends on social network sites. We have so many friends we are unable to keep track of them, much less have a meaningful conversation with them in hyperspace. When someone does post a relevant topic it fades into the clutter of other messages sharing with us what so and so had for breakfast. Even more rush to tweet their thoughts into the maelstrom of swirling random postings pointing back at ourselves some salient link we feel the world cannot live without. We have dozens, hundreds or thousands of followers waiting for our next decree – “Let It Be Written.”
We text rather than hover over a finely crafted fountain pen when we write intimate messages to each other. We have diluted our very individuality in the pursuit of belonging.

We have diluted education, political intercourse, complex theories, Gods and religions, language, wealth, love, intimacy and our abilities to know rather than feel-

Unfortunately, for us, the very universe is self-diluting. Everything there is scoots towards wherever it is going at break neck speeds, leaving in its wake emptiness and the final abstraction that no thing will know we were ever here wishing for immortality.
The final tranquility-


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