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Driver and two children leave scene after 12th Ave rollover crash — UPDATE

Seattle medic crews and police responded to an afternoon rollover crash that left a car smashed and upside down in the middle of 12th Ave near E Denny and the driver and two children leaving the scene on foot, according to witnesses.

Thanks to Larry Mar of Primo who was on his way to work when he snapped this picture of the scene.

According to witnesses, the male driver and two children fled on foot westbound on Denny toward Cal Anderson Park following the crash. SPD located the trio at 11th and Denny where the Seattle Fire medic crew was dispatched to assess the situation.

This is a preliminary report and will be updated as details are confirmed and we get more information about what happened.

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  1. I came on this right after it happened. The children weren’t running away–one was an infant in a baby carrier and the other was a 2 year old being held by her father as he ran away. The 2 year old was crying and obviously traumatized. I hope they are ok. Why, oh why, did someone let him drive with these little ones.

  2. Anyone with a Ignition Interlock system should have some sort of student driving notice posted on top of the vehicle.

  3. Actually there’s been talk of having a Z on the license plate, but everyone in touchy feely Seattle wigged out about that violating the rights of repeat DUI offenders.

  4. I thought it was the drunken rural Washingtonians who want to be able to skirt the law….

    Funny that it’s us touchy Seattleites.

    I’d wager to say that 90 percent of Seattleites that actually walk as a means of transport want the Z and so much more.

    btw, only one State does the Z thing right now.

  5. Anyone can search for a vehicle’s owner by going to and clicking on the Vehicle link on the left. Then entering the license plate.

    With an ignition interlock this person is on probation or pending trial for DUI. I imagine they’ll be spending tens of thousands to get out of the reckless endangerment X 2 charges now…oh wait. The city is declining to file on BOATLOADS of charges due to budget cuts. Nevermind. The kids will be left in the care of this person with no consequences.

  6. I have a close acquaintance who blew a .264 while driving on I-5 a few months back.

    Long story short, his DUI was thrown out because of an incorrect date somewhere in the mess.

    This is very scary.

    I am all for a marker on vehicles of past offenders. However I also believe fat people should have a special card from a doctor to eat fast food.

    Be careful out there, but can you really????

  7. Obviously, the driver fled the scene because he is guilty of something…most likely, he had tampered with the ignition device and was driving drunk.

    I also have to wonder if the two young children were in car seats….I kind of doubt it, as otherwise it would have taken the “father” some time to get them out and run away. It is fortunate that they survived this crash without significant injuries. Hopefully, they are now in the care of some responsible person and will remain so for some time to come.

  8. Wow, is the black Beamer in that video the one he hit according to the police report? It looks like there is barely a scratch on it…

  9. You really think people need permission (from who?) to procreate and that 90% of the people in Seattle walk as their primary form of transportation? LOL. So how much are you willing to wager on your made up statistic? I’m willing to wager that you are not really willing to wager and would lose if you did.

  10. and the point is? I would hope his gun is drawn, dealing with an unknown man, who is suspected drunk who rolled a car with two childrean and FLED the scene. Should this officer be handing the fellow a warm towel or a bunch of flowers? Jesus. This officer has every right to protect his being until the threat is dealt with.

  11. If you think Seattle drivers are the worst in the universe, you obviously haven’t driven in Boston, Miami, New Jersey, or parts of Los Angeles. Did I miss anywhere? I’m sure people will add more. The point is, Seattle drivers are way better than lots of places.

  12. Shamwow,

    If you are going to bitch, make sure you work on your reading comprehension first. It does not say 90% of Seattleites walk.

  13. “Wow, is the black Beamer in that video the one he hit according to the police report? It looks like there is barely a scratch on it…”

    I’m pretty sure he hit the other side, but the cops wouldn’t let me get around it.

  14. Fleeing the scene of an accident (RCW 46.52.020) & Criminal mistreatment in the second degree (aka ‘child endangerment’, RCW 9A.42.030) are both felonies; it’s reasonable to assume a guy who flees the scene with kids in tow has the potential to harm the children or himself.

  15. Hey good point, Shamy. Obviously I hadn’t had my coffee yet.

    But I’m not trying to bitch. Just sayin, people don’t need permission to procreate and the whole “this percent of people in Seattle think this, do this, or want that” stuff is corny.

  16. Well I would hope that instead of letting him chill on the curb with a gun drawn on him, the cops would handcuff his ass and stick him in the back of their car. Obviously that was done at some point.

    I’m aware what he did was serious and put people at risk.

  17. I see people calling for some marker on drivers w/ DUIs, but do not really see what end this is supposed to really accomplish.

  18. On the subject of self awareness, “Comment,” are you aware that what you write sometimes doesn’t make a lick of sense?

    In particular, the first collection of words in your comment above does not qualify as a valid sentence in the English language.

  19. It does not need to make a lick of sense. Your first comment indicated you were stupid so that is the level we are working with here.

  20. The Bmw was actually owned by the lady giving me a manicure nearby – the car was quite damaged! The wheel axle was completely snapped in two, the car was pushed up onto the sidewalk (the cops moved it later), both tires were flattened, and the car is badly scraped/dented. It had to be towed away because it wasn’t drivable. And the cops told her it is unlikely the driver had insurance…So yes, a lot of damage.

  21. “Comment,” no matter how much we agree on other things, I must take issue with your position that what you write here need not make sense.

    On the contrary, because our comments consume valuable computing and network resources such as memory space and data transmission bandwidth, I believe we owe it to our generous host, jseattle, to always strive to make sense.

  22. FYI….at the time I posted my comment, the “update” stating the kids were in car seats had not been added to the article. But I stand corrected.

  23. I hope your condolences do not extend to the “father” who chose to drive drunk, endangering the lives of his children and any other vehicles or pedestrians in the vicinity, and badly damaging a parked vehicle.

  24. OK, that makes more sense. I guess I was operating on the assumption that the driver was driving on the right side of the street, which given his (apparent) condition was clearly not a given.

    Seriously, I’m glad no one was killed.

  25. Except eating whatever you want is a fundamental right, whereas driving is a privilege the government grants us.