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Lab5 Fitness opens on north Broadway, new restaurant soon to join it

Can there be a more firm sign of change on Capitol Hill — and specifically, north Broadway — than the million dollar transformation of the former home of the drink-but-don’t-eat Jade Pagoda into a Bank of America and a new-era workout gym? And, oh, yeah, there’s another new restaurant coming soon to the space, too.

This weekend, the transformation of 606 Broadway E gets a little more muscular as “high energy” workout studio Lab5 Fitness opens for business.

We reported on the incoming new gym back in January. Since then, there’s been a brand change and another hundred thousand in construction budget spent, according to city records, to complete an open workout space full of equipment for things like “power pilates” and “brutal barre.” The gym’s neighbor Bank of America also opened up next door in its temporary home during construction of the 230 Broadway project. During our Lab5 visit, a confused customer walked in the door of the new gym and was quite confused by the tellers in spandex. Imagine how disappointed anybody who wanders in looking for cheesecake shop The Confectional will be when it opens next to Poppy later this spring.

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Lab5’s big grand opening celebration is slated for Saturday. The gym joins 12th Ave’s Barre3 as new Hill businesses dedicated to body improvement, health and, some would say, vanity. Just up Broadway, we reported on the recent opening of Blink, an eyelash salon. Here’s a clip from the media release announcing Lab5’s opening:

“The LAB5 elements will change your body,” says Jasmine Micaela Sharp, an experienced, certified trainer who created the LAB5 concept. “It challenges the body and mind by interconnecting power and purist Pilates, Barre, TRX and Yoga by way of cardio, strength training and flexibility, which ultimately results in an overall sense of balance.”

Few studios offer these types of classes in Seattle, and only LAB5FITNESS combines them all into an exclusive workout program for one LAB5 price.

LAB5 Owners’ Journey To Fitness

Sharp is designing workout programs for the LAB5FITNESS studio at the request of owners Alan and Bonnie Cashman. The Seattle couple was introduced to Sharp’s inspirational take on Pilates while spending winters in Palm Springs, CA., where Sharp was working with clients.

The Cashmans, who founded and sold two successful companies – The Balanced Program (BPI) and Administrative Systems (ASI) – are using LAB5FITNESS as a way to give back to the Pacific Northwest community.

“It was important to me to be involved in something that would provide a unique culture to the fitness arena, but also provide affordable prices for those serious about a quality overall workout,” Alan Cashman says. “We strive to be the gold standard in upscale fitness in Seattle and offer the utmost in customer care.”

You can learn more at

The transformation of the old Jade Pagoda space that had stood empty for a few years has created a large main gym space visible from the sidewalk and passersby on Broadway. A year ago when the project was getting started, Craig Swanson of developers Redside Partners told us the remodel would undo much of the work done to the building in a 1967 overhaul with a goal of stripping the interior back to something “raw.” In the back of the updated space is a smaller, quieter studio — at least when nobody is grunting their way through barre exercises. The back studio, a Lab5 trainer said, will also be used for yoga and more meditative physical pursuits. It’s probably not far from where a few of you meditated on a heavy-pour gin and tonic back in the Jade Pagoda days.

We’d also like to report the plans for Jade Pagoda II. But it doesn’t look like it’s happening. There is a new restaurant coming to the space between the bank and the new gym, though. And, yes, it appears that the $300,000 construction to prepare the space is for a Chinese restaurant. We’ll tell you more about Bako, soon.

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25 thoughts on “Lab5 Fitness opens on north Broadway, new restaurant soon to join it

  1. I was considering checking LAB5 out, but that press release completely turned me off. On what planet is opening a for-profit fitness studio with an extravagant monthly fee considered “giving back to the community”???

    Barre3 is definitely a bit hoity toity for Capitol Hill, but compared to this place, it’s downright homey.

  2. Now you can experience all of the comforts of downtown Bellevue without having to leave the city! Seriously, gentrification is a strange animal. What was once a place for cheap eats, cheap booze, and eclectic character (you know, “undesirable things”) is starting to resemble suburban shopping centers – gyms, tanning salons, qdoba, panera, etc.

  3. So conflicted… should I hate yuppies or hipsters more?

    They both leave a place a soulless, but for very different reasons.

  4. It’s possible to be a hipster yuppie. You don’t have to be penniless to be a hipster. Being a penniless hipster doesn’t automatically grant you more integrity.

  5. Justin, I appreciate your choice of words in your opening sentence I hope they were meant to tie in with the first pic posted, they sure seem to. Firm.

    Welcome to the hood Lab 5

  6. the woman in that first photo should sue Lab5 for using it. it looks ilke she’s practicing Defensive Booty Dancing for next time she’s at the club.

  7. WAY more expensive than the cost of my entire family having a membership at the WAC, which has a pool and a restaurant. And parking! No thanks!

  8. Just one…. health food joint… please. Not more pizza, not more burgers, not more sushi, not more pho, not more chinese, not more mexican. Please! Ye ole Gravity Bar, that I so took for granted, and even slightly poo-poo’ed, I beg of you.

  9. genevieve-it’s fitness and it looks like a squat, it firms the ass and has nothing to do with “Defensive Booty Dancing”, you should try it sometime, it’s also known for getting the stick outta your…

  10. The Gravity Bar was a great place. I’m not even a vegetarian and I still loved it! Wouldn’t it be great if it were re-incarnated in one of the empty Broadway storefronts?

  11. I’ve been on Capitol Hill since 1993. I remember Gravity Bar & recall that although it was healthy, the food was quite bland. I agree we need more healthier options – I’m as sick as the next person of the proliferation of fast food joints, but it’s great to see more options. Frankly, I’m hoping that these places will inspire more restaurants with great food (e.g. Sitka & Spruce, Poppy, Plum, Barrio, Boom Noodle, Odd Fellows) to come to the hill.

    Also, I drank at the Jade and Ernie Steele’s. They were fun, but not worth waxing nostalgic over.

    And – I live 1/2 block from Lab5. I’m just glad that the building is not vacant. I hope they succeed. Seems like more of an eastside or Queen Anne deal, but hey, whatever! To each his/her own ;)

  12. natasha – yes, I know it’s a squat. I have been doing fitness including Pilates (ooo I even know she’s standing on a reformer, do I get fitness cred for knowing that?) for years. I also know if someone put a picture of me doing a squat like that on the internet I’d be seriously bummed out. There are plenty of exercises that are not meant to be captured on film – sorry you have no sense of humor whatsoever. Maybe you could try some Defensive Booty Dancing for the next time you’re at the club.

  13. This place is amazing! I am a former runner who has experienced some injuries along the way. My friend introduced me to Lab 5 and I can’t be more satisfied. The workouts are extremely effective without being hard on my body. I was shocked at how sore I was after the 50 minute Pilates workout. I used parts of my body that I didn’t even know I had. I used to do Bikram Yoga in Chicago. This doesn’t compare. It has taken me 2 years, in Seattle, to find an establishment that I am comfortable patronizing. That search is over. I’m not the gym type, but I am highly active and health-conscience.
    If you are truly in the market for an effective workout without the pains that running cause, and without the awkward environment of a conventional gym, I recommend this establishment.
    PS- For the comment about the “giving back to the community” If an establishment has been sitting empty for a couple of years, it really isn’t helping the local Commerce. But, perhaps, you aren’t into business.
    Change is Good!