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Spin Cycle says hello to Broadway with ‘Korean Thai Pho’ prank

Give Spin Cycle credit. They know their CHS memes. The Broadway-bound trader of videos, music and games pushed the limits of CHS community posting integrity with on April 1st with a post both stealthily announcing their new store and poking a little fun at a common refrain in our site comments.

They got the intended rise.

And, now, you can ask, “do we really need another used DVD store on Broadway?” Spin Cycle seems to think so. Gruv has been out of business since the start of the year — and we’re pretty sure the re-opening promised by sign that appeared in the window after the shop closed hasn’t happened.

We got an e-mail from Jason explaining the prank and telling us a bit more about the shop. You can also, by the way, find a clue to what was actually going on in the first post if you look at the third picture showing Spin Cycle coupons. Jason says Spin Cycle is a “record/movie/games store” that is pushing to be open at 321 Broadway E near the Vivace walk-up stand by mid-month. The space was formerly a Check Masters outlet that closed last August as part of a company-wide cutback. The new store’s neighbor will be boutique Mishu which moved onto Broadway last fall.

Jason said that after getting started later this month, Spin Cycle is planning its grand opening for May 1st. If their April Fool got you, stop by with your whoopie cushion or something.

You can learn more on Spin Cycle’s Facebook page.

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10 thoughts on “Spin Cycle says hello to Broadway with ‘Korean Thai Pho’ prank

  1. I was so busy looking at the “!!!1” that I didn’t think about the silliness of Korean Thai Pho.

    PS: I always remember that Pine trees grow in the North, so Pine must be north of Pike.

    PPS: Please don’t tell me otherwise, dendrologists!

  2. I always remember by the one ways they become downtown. Pine as in “to pine” or decrease…going downhill. And Pike, a pike is raised in battle. Yeah…I’m a nerd, sorry. LOL