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With recent tough times taking their toll, Broadway Pita Pit folds

Cheap eats on Capitol Hill are getting a little more difficult to come by. In the comments on Monday’s Hill food+drink notes, M shocked the world with news that the Broadway Pita Pit has closed. After five years neighboring Neighbours, a rough year has taken its toll on the pita franchise. Brian Kun, the owner of the Broadway location that was part of the national Pita Pit chain, tells CHS the past six months have been particularly rough:

Basically it just came down to numbers.  We started off doing great but the last year, and especially the last 6 months have been tough.  I think people see us slammed at 2am on a Friday or Saturday night and assume we’re rolling in dough, but there are still 5 other days of the week to worry about.

The sign posted on the door said the Pit would miss all its customers, “even you drunks!” No word yet on what if anything will move into the space, but the sign leaves some mystery: “Watch this space for something awesome!”

A check of city records shows nothing new in the works — yet. But we’ve heard there are, indeed, plans afoot. Details soon, we hope.

The Pita Pit on the Ave in the U District, which had different a different owner, closed a few months ago. It now appears there are no Pita Pits left open in Seattle. The closest is in Tukwila. Please don’t drive or bike drunk. Light rail, perhaps?

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21 thoughts on “With recent tough times taking their toll, Broadway Pita Pit folds

  1. The quality of the food certainly did not help. My wife and I ate there a couple times during the week and it was SEVERELY lacking. I’d say that has a lot to do with it.

  2. My work group tried very hard to patronize the Pita Pit, but rude, inept, did I mention rude and inept employees? They will kill you every time. I realize large orders can be a hassle, but everytime we tried we got shaffted. Sorry to see you go but bad customer service is bad for bussines. Hungry Nurses

  3. These last 2 comments were unnecessary. Way to kick people when they are down. I’m sure if you were expecting a gourmet meal it would be disappointing. But, it was pitas. That’s like complaining about a hot dog stand (which I’m sure you do.)
    My girlfriend and I loved the pita pit. The employees were always wonderful to us. We had the best conversations. I’m am also sad that some great people are out of work. Pita pit will be greatly missed. Best of luck to you and you and yours.

  4. Light rail to Tukwila? The Pita Pit in Tukwila is by Southcenter not even close to where the light rail station in Tukwila. And this Pita Pit rocks – it’s great!

  5. There are good hotdogs and bad hotdogs. If the dogs are bad you complain about them. It doesn’t matter whether a meal is gourmet or not.

  6. panera bread, z pizza, genki sushi, big mario’s, rancho bravo, and the other coast cafe are all open, offer quick/cheap food, are within walking distance of pita pit, and seem to be doing okay. i wonder why. i visited pita pit once and had to throw my food away mid-meal because it was disgusting.

  7. Yes, I think they definitely had a food quality problem. Everything — including the meat — just seemed way too suspiciously mushy/soggy I felt. Also, I don’t know if I would call the Other Coast Cafe “quick/cheap food.” Their prices for a sandwich are outrageous.

  8. Chipotle’s way better than Qdoba! I’d love to see one on the Hill. In Qdoba’s vacated space, if what ProstSeatttle says is true.

  9. Qdoba sucks big time. I’ve been there three times (never again) and their meat is dry and old, the “three cheese” whatever is just glorified taco bell cheese sauce, and they were out of guacamole. What a joke. Put in something worthwhile in their spot.

  10. I use to like the Pita Pit, and went there often. Last summer I noticed a change in the quality of the food, and the staff seemed to cope an attitude that left me cold. I stopped going. Too many good options close by. Bad service will kill a business.

  11. i wouldn’t give as much of a damn if the “fast casual dining” fast food spots weren’t as expensive as the surrounding local restaurants.

  12. Mosh Pit
    Arm Pit
    Peach Pit
    Pita Pit

    The whole concept seems pretty uninspired and nasty. My heart goes out to the person who invested in the franchise, but come on, at least name it something with a little snap. Pita Palace? Pita Place? Lots of other p names to go for. Pita pit always made me think there would be a hair in my meal, and not from a head (ala globe cafe in the 90’s).

  13. “I don’t think the neighborhood will really be hurting from the loss.”

    IIRC, the Pita Pit *was* at least open much later than the rest.

  14. i will not go to places where the workers look like they are dirty and the prices high that are packed with drunks who smell like garlic and stench. they had a bad business plan. few locations in seattle get more foot traffic in this area so blame your business plan.

    next time open something that is less trendy that will get sales sunday through thursday. capital hill is a lost cause for businesses.