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Burglar clears out 16th Ave E home while family sleeps

We’ve reported on the rashes of burglaries that crop up around Capitol Hill in spring after a late winter lull. One particular rash seems to have broken out in the area around 16th Ave E near Volunteer Park. The map graphic shows reported burglaries on the Hill in the last 30 days — you can see the 16th Ave-area cluster of four burglaries that have been reported since mid-April. One of them happened while a family slept overnight this past Friday night/Saturday morning, the homeowner tells chs:

“Someone came in and, tv, computers, purse, everything. We really got cleaned out. With the whole family home and the dog — fucking dog.”

We’re glad you still have some of your sense of humor intact, neighbor. The police report from another recent, nearby burglary sheds light on some of the details we’re seeing in these incidents:

On Saturday April 30, 2011 at about 0630 hours I was dispatched to 20  14 Ave E to meet with   about a burglary that occurred overnightwhile he and his family were asleep. Upon my arrival and meeting with   the following occurred:    I spoke with   who told me the last person in the house went to bedat about   hours on 4-29-11 and his daughter   woke up at around0620, discovered the burglary and woke him up.  then gave me a walkthrough the house and I observed the following:    

I walked through the front door and it was pointed out to me by  where items no longer were. In the front living room, a docking station,laptop computer, ant two wallets belonging to his daughter and her husbandwere all missing. Also, the flat screen television had been tampered withand an attempt to remove it from its stand was evident. There was a knob unscrewed from the rear but it wasn’t actually part of the mechanism usedto hold the unit in place.    

I then went to the kitchen where there was a window pried open with anunknown type pry bar. The window faces a rear alley to the East. During awalk around the house I also found a pry mark on a lower window facing theNorth side of the house.    

I spoke with   and her husband   who both had walletsstolen in the burglary containing the same bank Visa cards and smallamounts of cash as well as their Wa. State Drivers Licenses.    

I was able to lift three fingerprints from the scene. One from theinside sill of the kitchen window and two from the outer plastic of theflat screen television.    

Upon my arrival most of the credit cards and bank cards were alreadycanceled and I was advised that as of about 0700 on 4-30-11 there had beenno use of any of the stolen cards and there didn’t seem to be any pendingcharges.    I was able to get serial numbers for the computer items stolen andlisted them in the property section of this report. I gave   a SPDFollow Up form and instructions how to fill it out and send it in.  

 I placed the three fingerprint cards into evidence and sent V-MAIL toLatent Prints requesting processing.

I spoke to one neighbor upon leaving and informed her of the incident.She lives next door to   at 19   14 Av E. I was unable to locate any witnesses to the incident.

SPD’s advice for homeowners is to check windows and make sure to lock doors even if you — and your dog — are home.

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7 thoughts on “Burglar clears out 16th Ave E home while family sleeps

  1. I cracked up when I read the dog comment– I can relate.
    My house was burglarized in Miami and they made off with even more than this. My fucking useless dog sat there and watched them too. Probably wagged her tail and licked them, in fact. Ya gotta love it. My sympathies to the homeowners.

  2. I see that two of the other burglaries were on 16th, but the police report seems to indicate that this incident happened on 14th north of the cemetery.

  3. My acoustic guitar was taken from my apartment about a month ago. I’m near 15th & Roy, so also within the same area. I did report it, but it does not seem to appear on this map. I certainly don’t have the money to replace it right now… it’s quite depressing. It realize it pales in comparison to this burglary on 16th Ave.

  4. Time to get together and take care of your neighbors. One of these incidents could get ugly if a confrontation occurs. These thieves are bold and likely packing heat.

  5. This latest burglary was my house. Yesterday a neighbor came by to share a similar story from a week earlier. Apparently this isn’t going away. I’ve contacted SPD about the chance of a detective being assigned to these cases, but so far have gotten no response. I’m hoping neighbors or other concerned residents will contact the police and ask them to fit together some of the pieces in these many burglaries.

  6. good luck, we had our house burglarized a couple years ago in Madrona. It took the spd 5 hours to show up before we entered the house. They took a statement and left, never to come back. After getting nowhere with the police we decided to put up our own billboard in front of our house, telling our neighbors what had happened. What we found out is that this had happened to several of our neighbors during a few month period. now our house is like fort knox – but not sure what we pay our taxes for as nothing ever became of the 3 criminals that were witnessed to walking out of our house with our luggage (stuffed with our stuff)…

  7. If you need to borrow an acoustic guitar for awhile until you can afford one then let me know. It’s not a great one, just an old Knox but I wouldn’t want to lose it. I’m about 5 blocks from you. MMc.