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CHS Pics: Skillet Diner ready to roll at 14th and Union

The much anticipated fixed-place restaurant from Skillet Street Food is ready to serve you. CHS visited 14th and Union’s Skillet Diner for a media preview Tuesday night. Inside, we found things had played out much as Josh Henderson told us he hoped they would when we first visited the space in the Chloe building with him in March — including the 1970s-era Frigidaire green stools and booths we were promised. Official opening of the restaurant is slated for the 20th with a Friday morning debut of the diner’s breakfast menu.

Locals might want to swing by the next two days around lunch and dinner time, however — this restaurant is ready to roll.

CHS tried a few bites of the menu which has taken the Skillet mobile oeuvre and expanded it with the physical space and the ability to deliver more technical culinary work outside the confines of an Airstream trailer. “A lot of this will be a nod to our past,” Henderson told us early this spring. “We just needed space.” The menu ranges from breakfasts to sandwiches to entres to deserts. It’s a diner so, yes, they have a milkshake mixer.

Inside, you’ll find a full-on diner layout with a long counter and several sure-to-be coveted booths. A fleet of high-chairs stands at the ready. Skillet has apparently done its research on the Hill’s mutli-generational brunch crowds.

Starting Friday, plan has been for the diner to be open every day starting at 7 AM before shutting down at midnight. The crew has been planning for a 2 AM close on weekends but we need to confirm if this will be the case in these first weeks as things settle in.

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12 thoughts on “CHS Pics: Skillet Diner ready to roll at 14th and Union

  1. I passed by this am and there’s a sign saying they’re open!

    I rarely get excited about restaurant openings on the Hill, but it has been fun watching the buildout of the space. It is totally gorgeous! And I’m looking forward to trying the food. If it’s as good as their reputation I’ll even forgive them for calling breakfast “Breaky” on their menus :P

  2. . . . .to have a place close by to eat breakfast!! Love the decor – looks absolutely beautiful. And of course, we know the food is going to be delish. Congratulations!

  3. Yes, they’re open as of Wednesday morning! I had their pork belly & cornmeal waffle (amazing!). I asked the server about their hours of operation this opening week. She confirmed they are open their full hours as posted. Also the full dinner menu is available til midnight, then shifting to a limited menu for late night.

  4. Anyone know exactly how many taps they will have for beer and what those taps might be? Hoping there will be some thought and creativity put into the beer…

  5. I had a great salmon sandwich and they switched the bread for me with SO MUCH KINDNESS when I told them I am allergic to potatoes (the sandwich had already arrived with potato bun). The service was exceptional. So glad to have a real diner in the neighborhood.

  6. there are only four taps of beer… the other four taps are for the keg wines from Proletariat. as far as beer goes, there will be Manny’s, a rotating IPA tap (currently Ninkasi), a semi-rotating lighter tap (currently Chuckanutt Pils), and a rotating tap with special beers, seasonals, Belgians, eclectic, etc. (currently New Belgium Trippel, followed up by New Belgium Abbey Grand Cru). Also, there is a bottled/can beer selection of about 25-30, including a variety of different beers, ranging from simple standards, like Stella or Session, to eclectic and unique beers like Scotch de Silly or Russian River Damnation… along with some 22oz bottle selections and a cheap beer du jour, (currently High Life)… and yes there is quite a fine bourbon selection as well as single malt scotch collection, along with mostly local gins and vodkas. cheers