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Blotter: SPD vs. Volvo, woman says robbed on E Pine, weird Hugo break-in report

Here are some of the latest cases and incidents from the streets of the East Precinct. Thanks for the tips and notes. CHS can be reached 24×7 by mailing, via Twitter @jseattle or texting/calling (206) 399-5959.

  • Tipster Richard sent in this picture of a SPD cruiser vs. Volvo collision near Lowell Elementary from Monday night. No injuries were reported but it looks like another SPD auto problem following the 12th Ave cop car vs. cop car crash and the car vs. pole crash downtown Saturday night. We haven’t yet talked with SPD about details on this apparently minor fender bender but we’ll ask. Speaking of SPD auto problemsUPDATE: Few details on the crash at this point but SPD confirms there were no significant injuries. Fire was called to the scene when a woman involved in the incident complained of feeling sick.
  • We also got a tip from Seajake regarding another incident Monday night around 6 PM involving multiple police cars and Metro sheriff removing people from a bust on Pine at Summit. No confirmation from any of the involved agencies but Jake says the incident involved two women who were fighting on the bus. UPDATE: According to the report on the incident, the bus had to be stopped because two women began fighting on the Route 10 coach. The fight spilled out onto the street where both combatants were arrested for “unlawful bus conduct.”

  • In a reported street robbery reminiscent of a string of attacks last summer in which people walking home or to their cars after a night out were hit on the back of the head and mugged, a woman told police she was knocked unconscious and robbed last Thursday night as she walked on E Pine near Cal Anderson. The officer’s report on the incident notes that the woman did not have a head injury indicative of being struck from behind but did have abrasions on her abdomen and other injuries consistent with a fall:
On 06/23/2011 at 2324 hours, V/   called 911 from a payphone at 10   E
Pine St, to report she had been robbed about one hour ago.

I arrived along with SFD and contacted V/  , who was obviously
intoxicated and was very unstable while standing. V/   identified
herself as being in the military.

V/   could not remember details of the robbery other than walking to her
vehicle parked in the area of 10 Av and E Pine St when she was struck from
behind with a hard object and knocked unconscious. V/   stated the
suspect was possibly a male and had no other info about the suspect.
V/   stated she was walked around for awhile after regaining
consciousness, until she called 911 from the payphone. V/   stated her
keys, wallet, and cash were stolen from her. V/   stated she only drank
a little bit of alcohol. V/   had a bar stamp which said "families are
forever" on her right wrist.

V/   had a very small scratch to the left side of her forehead. V/
had an abrasion to her left elbow. V/   had two large abrasions on her
abdomen, one on the left rib cage and one on the right rib cage. Both
looked symmetrical. However, V/   did not have any injuries to her head
consistent with being struck by a hard object from behind. V/  's
clothing was mostly dry except her jeans were wet and dirty at the knees.
It had been raining for the past 30 minutes prior to V/   calling 911.
Additionally, she had two small holes in her right shirt sleeve. The holes
appeared to be puncture marks and not rips.

V/  stated her memory was vague and couldn't provide me with a lot of
basic information. V/   stated she was active duty Navy stationed on
the   at Bremerton. As of 2011, the  is homeported in
Everett, not Bremerton. V/   could only remember her vehicle as a white
Chrysler and pointed to it being parked around 11 Av and E Pine St.
V/   could not give me her unit name, commander's name, but stated her
supervisor was  . She could not tell me her current rank, but
believes it is either E-2 or E-3, and she has been in the Navy for 2 years.
V/   has a CA driver's license.

V/   was transported to HMC via AMR. V/   was given a business card and case number.
I contacted the staff at the   located at 10   E Pike St and
verified V/  's bar stamp came from them. I described V/   to the
staff. One of the staff remembered seeing a person (possibly V/  )
wearing a green sweatshirt with the letters UCSC on the front. UCSC may
stand for University California at Santa Cruz. V/   does have a CA
license. The staff member stated that person left   alone at
approximately 2300 hours, and there was no known issues involving that
  • Here is the official report on the Hugo House break-in we noted last week. Sounds like an extremely intoxicated person needed to make a phone call. Badly.
{ On 06-22-2011 I was working full uniformed patrol in a marked City of
Seattle Police car as 3-Chalrie-23.  At about 2358 hours I was dispatched
to 16   11 AV (  ) for a burglary in progress.  The caller
described the suspect as a W/M in his 20's with dark hair and a wearing a
gray shirt.

 Officers contacted the caller (  ) upon their arrival.
identified the building and stated the male inside was the same suspect he
had called about.    did not wish to be identified further.

 Upon my arrival, I saw one of the front doors of the building was open.
 The door's glass was broken out and there was broken glass, and soil,
making a trail inside the building.  There was also an empty planter lying
on its side on the steps in front of the door.
 Inside the building I saw a barefoot male (matching the given description)
seated with his feet up on a desk, talking on a corded phone.  I could also
hear an audible alarm sounding inside the building.
 The   supports local writers, but does not have any
live-in residents.  Also at the time of this incident the building was
closed to the public, as evident by the locked exterior and interior doors.
 The building also only had one interior (entry) light on inside.

 Officers contacted the suspect (later identified as   ,
DOB  -1982).  As Officers contacted  , dispatch advised that he
was on the phone with the 911 center.
    was detained in handcuffs, which were gauged for fit and double

 Officers checked the remaindered of the building and did not find any
further suspects.
  • Finally, here’s a weird one (did he say now it gets weird?) from last Tuesday night involving a paid parking lot attendant and a dispute with a man who decided to exit the parking lot near Broadway and Union next to Gilda’s Club without waiting for the attendant to give him a “ticket” for not paying:
{  On 06/21/2011 at 2055 hours I was dispatched to Broadway Av and E Pine
St to investigate threats. C/   called 911 and reported that he
was a parking attendant in the   parking lot. 10 minutes prior he
was attempting to write a ticket when a driver moved a vehicle toward him.
He believes it was intentional. Vehicle left northbound.

C/   gave a license plate of   Wa. I responded to Broadway
 Av and E Pine St and contacted C/  . He told me he was writing a
parking citation to   Wa., which was parked in the
lot in the 15   blk of Broadway (east side of the street) for not paying.
The vehicle was parked against the northern wall, backed in. A male arrived
at the car, later identified as S/  , and confronted C/   .
S/   asked C/   what he was doing. C/   explained
that he was writing a ticket for not paying. S/   said it was free
parking. C/   tried to explain that it was not. S/   told
C/   to "do what ever" he "needed to do."  S/   then got
into the car. C/   continued to write the ticket. S/
then got back out of the car and approached C/   and looked
"angry" and tried to grab the ticket book out of C/   hand, but
was unsuccessful. C/   stepped back and held his ticket book
closely while getting his phone out to call 911.  S/   then got
back into the car. C/   was standing in front of the car after
 having backed away from S/  . S/   started up the car and
drove towards C/  . C/   said he had to run away and ran
next to a truck parked in an adjacent stall because he thought S/
might hit him. C/  believes S/   either heard or
realized he was calling 911 and turned to exit out of the parking lot and
northbound on Broadway Av.  C/   described S/   as a W/M/
early 20's 6-2 230-240 lbs wearing a long sleeve shirt, possibly a dark

Radio had updated the suspects vehicle license plate and registered owners
address at 17   E Madison St  . 3E, Sgt. Dietrich, responded to the
address and located the vehicle, unoccupied, in the parking garage. Moments
later a male, S/  , approached the vehicle. 3E contacted him.
S/   said he was at a   earlier, but did not remember
anything notable happening. Sgt. Dietrich then asked S/   if he had
 ID he could see. S/   said he did not and began walking away from
Sgt. Dietrich. Sgt. Dietrich told him he was not leaving and to come back.
S/   continued walking away said he was going upstairs. Sgt.
Dietrich then had to physically escort S/   to the patrol car.
S/   remained elusive to questions about the incident.

I then transported C/   to 17   E Madison St for a show up.
C/   said he would be able to identify the suspect if seen again.
C/   positively identified S/  .  I contacted S/
about the incident and asked him what happened. He said he had nothing to
say. While I informed S/   that his behavior was unreasonable
during the incident, he occasionally laughed and appeared to think the
incident was funny. S/   was elusive and unwilling to take
responsibility for the incident. He was issued the parking citation from
earlier and advised he was free to go.
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2 thoughts on “Blotter: SPD vs. Volvo, woman says robbed on E Pine, weird Hugo break-in report

  1. He should have just let the man go instead of inflaming him. The collection agency hired by the parking lot management company will take care of the rest.