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Capitol Hill food+drink: More summer openings, Lucky 8 Chinese, PrideFeast, the real Poppy

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  • It’s incredible to look through the roster of coming-soon Capitol Hill bars and restaurants we teased to start 2011 and realize that most of them (and a few bonus businesses) have already opened their doors. With Samurai Noodle opening last week on Broadway, CC’s finally back in the swing of things on E Olive Way and the new Bleu Bistro’s Grotto serving, there aren’t too many from the original roster left to wait for — though the biggest item on the list is still in-coming. Tamara Murphy’s Terra Plata in the Melrose Market is slated for an “late summer 2011” debut, according to the restaurant web site. 12th Ave noodle shop Ba Bar will be next — “third week of June.” Blue Moon Burgers soon, too. Lower Pike/Pine’s Lil’ Woody’s is now talking July and we haven’t heard back from Saizen Sushi slated for the Joule but they’re looking close. Also now marching toward progress is The Shop Agora on 15th Ave. But just because the roster from our January post is slowly getting checked off doesn’t mean there isn’t more drama and excitement and surprises to look forward too. There are always things like surprise bear bars and new north Broadway projects to keep us busy.
  • As will surprise Chinese restaurants neighboring with craft distilleries. Seattle Met has the scoop on Lucky 8, a new 14th at Union restaurant that will have “a small bar area, project ‘cool black-and-white retro kung fu movies’ on the wall, and offer takeout.” You might recall that the owners of Dulces had planned to join Oola Distillery at the location but that agreement went poof when they opted for a new home on the Eastside of things.

  • Also considering moving plans is El Mestizo. The south Broadway Mexican eatery has many fans and will have to consider a new place to do business. The building will be demolished for a planned for a new mixed-use development. Fortunately for El Mestizo and fans, the development process is extremely early and has a long way to go before the building has to come down. And sometimes these things never come to fruition. Just ask 19th Ave E’s Monsoon.
  • Yup, Yasuko’s Teriyaki, too, south Broadway food fans.
  • Volunteer Park Cafe will start making room for a new pop-up restaurant on select Monday nights through the summer. The new “A Square Meal” project from Tom Douglas Restaurants alum Erik Jackson will strive to create “a fun and casual dinner party” at VPC every other Monday starting June 20th. Price for the bring-your-own-beer/wine dinners is $65. More info at
  • There has been some chef-swapping going down on the Hill. Hot stuff. Anchovies & Olives lost their man to Marjorie. A&O reportedly has a replacement — but they’re being dramatic about revealing the new man (or woman?) in the kitchen.
  • Seattle Weekly likes First Hill’s Primo happy hour.
  • Via Twitter, some commercial filming going on at the East Olive Way Starbucks reportedly involving the coffee giant’s mobile payment app.
  • Capitol Hill’s Zaw pizza looking to downsize, share its 15th at Pine kitchen space.
  • “A note from Duane” on Stumptown’s sale investment.
  • Do you have a Gay Card? Seems smart to sport. 10% off at Pony. 10% off at Kaladi. Etc. Hope this doesn’t turn into one of the gay softball controversies. Anybody can carry a Gay Card, right?
  • Off Hill, in your potbelly. Potbelly Sandwiches arrives downtown.
  • Congratulations Liberty and Tavern Law. Also, Dan Savage apparently drinks only on Capitol Hill. Good idea, frankly.
  • Plan to go out to eat on June 23rd. The 4th Annual PrideFeast will feature a roster of restaurants — including Julia’s, Tidbit, Barrio and The Tin Table on the Hill — ready to donate 20% of proceeds to a group of LGBT health service providers.
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