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Is this your free range Capitol Hill guinea fowl?

In a tweet just in from somewhere in northeastern Capitol Hill, @fbaum asks:

Nobody lost a turkey. But we want to know if that guinea fowl is for pest control. Or dinner? Both?

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5 thoughts on “Is this your free range Capitol Hill guinea fowl?

  1. I used to clean next to this house and they owned chickens. Only a block from where it was found. Might be a good place to check first.
    3202 E Valley

  2. the guinea fowl lives @1071 26th ave. east, where the alder creek natural area is-cross street helen, which is just north of aloha. i am doing my best to catch it, which is not easy because it has never been caught before. it is very tame and friendly, but as some of you know, very loud at times. it may take me a couple of days to catch it. 206-851-9118. sorry for any inconvenience. !

  3. by the way, they are great at pest control-esp. carpenter ants and weeding services. In rattlesnake country they are kept to control rattlers. they are also delicious to eat and are originally from west Africa.