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North Broadway/10th Ave E burglary string includes $50,000 restaurant break-in

We’ve sorted out some of the details of a string of reported burglaries last week stretching from north Broadway to the Roanoke Park area of 10th Ave E. In the mix, two break-ins while residents apparently slept inside and a reported $50,000 safe heist from a Broadway Mexican restaurant.

According to the SPD report on the incident, a burglar carried off a safe cut from behind the bar of Galerias sometime in the early morning hours of June 9th. Inside, the Galerias owner said, was approximately $50,000 in cash “in 100 dollar bills rubberbanded into $1000 increments.” 

The responding officer reported no signs of forced entry:

The rear door, adjacent to the bar area on the west side of the building, normally has a 2 x 4 that is secured across the door. That 2 x 4 was missing. A check of the interior and the perimater (sic) behind the restaurant was negative for the 2 x 4. A key to the front door entry directly into the bar area was missing.

The owner told police he does not usually keep such a large amount of cash but the report has redacted why there was $50 grand on hand at the time of the break-in. The officer notes that it appeared an electric saw had been used to cut out the safe from its wood cabinet. SPD tells us a burglary detective has been assigned to the case.

Meanwhile, two residential break-ins were reported along 10th Ave E. Early on June 9th, a woman told police she and her daughter woke to find the back door open and an iPhone and a purse missing from the 1800-block house. Later that same morning, a man reported that his housemates awoke to discover that somebody had entered their 1900 block of 10th Ave E home and stolen an undisclosed list of items as well as prowling a car at the residence.

Also last Thursday morning, a man said his office in the 2400 block of 10th Ave E had been busted into and methodically pored through with only a digital camera stolen. According to the report on the incident, “customer acounts (sic), Tax returns and business plans had been rifled through” but none of the paperwork appeared to be missing. Employees also reported finding an empty can of Diet Coke on a desk that the thirsty burglar apparently drank. Entry was made by forcing open a window to the business, the report notes.

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12 thoughts on “North Broadway/10th Ave E burglary string includes $50,000 restaurant break-in

  1. Every bar should keep 500 $100 bills on hand at all times. $100 bills are what you always run out of when making change for customers.

  2. Never put valueables into a safe that can be carried by one person. That’s called a lockbox, and not a safe.

    Rule #2 is never put 50k into a lockbox.

    Expensive lesson. Hope it doesn’t cost him his business, in today’s market, it might.

  3. So sad for the business owner, but you could roll a marble to Bank of America across the street, where the 100’s would have been so much safer.

  4. I’m just… shocked by this. That is an astounding amount of money. Wow. I wonder if this their usual habit, or if it was an unusual occurrence, and the thief just got lucky?!

    Anyway, it’s sad. And I’m going to Galerias soon to help them out. Service is a little sketchy sometimes, but I do love their food. Plus, their tequila selection is galactic in scope…

  5. A lot of Ben Franklin’s to be precise. The only president of the United States who was never president of the United States.

  6. My house got broken into as well and they got away with $ $2000…no $1,000,000. yeah, that’s it. They got away with $1,000,000. Pay up insurance co.

  7. Seriously.

    $50k? Who in the world keeps $50k in a restaurant safe? Sounds to me like he’s trying to milk the insurance company for a big payout.

  8. First, a fake robbery and now a fake fire (arson). I have NEVER cared for the owner, his staff or their food. Neither do any of my friends. We used to sit around and joke about when he might torch the place. Not a joke any more…huh?