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Police chase ‘smash and grab’ burglar suspect to Seattle Central

SPD officers are searching the area around Seattle Central after a man seen running from a Monday night “smash and grab” burglary at a nearby residence ducked into the school to elude pursuing officers. According to unconfirmed reports via police radio, the suspect was seen fleeing the scene of the burglary near the north end of Cal Anderson Park where he was first contacted by police. The male suspect ran through the park and was seen re-emerging on Broadway near Bonney Watson before he made a dash for SCCC. Police are searching the area.

We’ll post more if we hear a solid description or any updates on the search. Early descriptions of the suspect say the the white or possibly hispanic male with dark, curly hair  was wearing a red t-shirt and green cargo style shorts. He reportedly had a black headband on and one dispatch said he was carrying an acoustic guitar.

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