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Woman suffers midnight purse snatching at Broadway bus stop

A woman told police she was pushed to the ground and her purse was wrestled away around midnight Thursday by a group of three thieves at a Broadway bus stop near Seattle Central Community College. According to the SPD report on the incident, the woman told police she was sitting at the bus stop in the 1600 block of Broadway when a group of three sat down beside her. The victim said the female member of the group asked her if she knew when the bus would arrive as one of the two males moved toward her and grabbed her purse. The woman said she had a brief struggle with the thief who finally pushed her to the ground and wrestled away the bag. The three suspects, described as a hispanic male, a black female and a black male in their 20s, ran north on Broadway and were last seen fleeing west on Pine where the victim lost sight of her attackers.

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8 thoughts on “Woman suffers midnight purse snatching at Broadway bus stop

  1. Where do these bastards come from? Thank God they didn’t throw her into on coming traffic like the last incident reported a few blocks from this location. I hope she is alright and sadly Im sure these punks will be out walking the streets again tonight.

  2. …..there’s NO WAY a cop shop is within 10 blocks of ALL of these postings of crimes it seems like. I never see cops on Broadway….unless something happened. A random bike cop here and there maybe. Cops are everywhere in NYC say it seems walking around. Our main hangout streets are super small in scale and where everythign happens. I know nothing about the size of the force or money woo’s or whatever, but always feel so strange that so much REALLY blatant robbing on the main street style crimes and bad stuff is happening mere blocks from the police station like it’s not even there.

    We all know who is causing the trouble….we all can feel how they don’t live on the hill…can see them right away. Roving packs always packs..of 3-5 people looking for nothing but “Fun?”, “Trouble?”. Once they taste “blood” of helpless hill peeps that most likely aren’t going to fight, knife them, shoot them back…etc. It’s the easiest target ever and I feel sickly that it is FUN and FUNNY for these assholes.

    I feel like they need to be AT LEAST not able to do this shit on the main strips of broadway, olive, pike, pine, 15th drags to give ped’s a safe route to walk at least. Come on SPD?! Enough is enough.

  3. Maybe it’s time for gangs of Cap Hill residents to patrol the area around Broadway/Pike Pine/Cal Anderson during late night hours. We could provide a presence, if nothing else. We could offer women who are alone walks home or wait with them at bus stops. We could wear some cool color shirts, and no I don’t mean rainbow. Let’s take back our steets.

  4. I totally agree with Large Marge. If the police are not going to increase patrols in order to put an end to these frequent muggings, then it’s time to increase neighborhood patrols. I’ve lived on the hill for nearly 6 years and think that all of us should feel safe walking around our neighborhood.

  5. I’ve been on my way home from QFC a few times in the evening and have seen young women walking alone (sometimes intoxicated), and I’ve offered to walk with them for the few blocks I’m going. However most of the time they just scream and run — if I’m lucky. If I’m not so lucky it’s pepper spray, THEN scream and run.

  6. in the old days there was the Q Patrol. They’d walk the streets in small groups and offer to walk folks to their cars or they’d run off the aggressive pan handlers and such.

  7. Oh yes now that you mention it, I remember the Q Patrol. I really think we could do this if there is enough interest. It would take a little organizing, meetings, coordinating with the police, some free press on this blog and then presto! I guess a good place to start would be to get in touch with some former Q Patrol members to hear how they ran things. Does anyone know someone? Why reinvent the wheel, you know? I’ll post this on facebook see what I turn up.