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CHS Pics: 2011 Independence Day fireworks from the crowd

Here is a look at 4th of July from vantage points on Capitol Hill and nearby thanks to your Seattle friends and neighbors. We hope a few of you took full advantage of your place in the city to enjoy the big show without getting stuck in the crowd.

(Image above and below from Summit and Republican: Jessica Hana)

From Fairview Ave at the end of Hamlin (Image: Scooter Lowrimore)

More from Scooter…

From the Shannon building, 601 Belmont E (Image: Colin Birge)

Mat Wisner’s SLU view

Amelia Rampe’s vantage from a Lake Union houseboat

Jill Morgan’s shot from a Lake Union roof deck

Off north Broadway (Image: Catleah Jo Cunanan)

Near Bellevue, Bellevue, and Bellevue (Image: Suzi Fitz)

And some more Independence Day fun including this assortment of closed on the 4th of July signs from around 15th Ave and, below that, some of the fireworks you might have seen earlier in the day at Bobby Morris playfield.

Via Twitter and @keenanblogger

Happy 4th from the ALADDIN cast partying down in Cal Anderson park! 

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9 years ago

I wondered who those ridiculously buff guys were that were dancing around CAP. Now I’m definitely going to go see Aladdin. They were doing some cool moves.

9 years ago

My Girlfriend and I had a wonderful time walking down to Lakeview, watching the show, and walking back up, while someone with a piccolo played marches. Wonderful