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CHS Pics: Ba Bar debuts on 12th, Saizen Sushi opens on Broadway

The new food+drink options on the Hill just keep on coming. Details on two more you can tell your friends you were the first to visit, below.

(Image: Geoffrey Smith/Ba Bar)

Ba Bar, the new noodle joint created by Monsoon’s Eric Banh, debuted Thursday night and is ready to serve you a Friday night bowl of mi vit tim. Banh tells us that breakfast service will start Saturday.

We profiled the new space across the street from Seattle U here.

More images from Ba Bar’s first night here via Facebook

Here’s a breakfast tease from Seattle Mag:

And just as at Monsoon, breakfast here could be quite a mind-bending experience: Vietnamese house-made stuffed fry bread with scrambled eggs, green onions and bacon ($7); daikon cakes with scrambled eggs, fresh herbs and bacon ($8), and a phenomenal congee, with Berkshire pork belly, house-made deep fried devils and poached egg ($8.50) that made this longtime congee hater consider a new future, one with room for peasant rice porridge in it.

Thrillist calls the Vietnamese fare “authentic,” while Seattle Met inadvertently stirred something up with its reporting on Ba Bar’s bartender. Welcome to the neighborhood.

Meanwhile on Broadway, Saizen Sushi has opened its doors, Twitter reports:

We told you a bit more about the new sushi restaurant in the Joule here.

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