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Marination Station gets surprise, unwanted Block Party visitor from above

One of the changes at this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party apparently didn’t extend across the street to the fixed-place Marination Station atop the Harvard Market shopping complex. In a year where the iconic hipsters gazing from the rooftops above went away at CHBP, Marination had a little ceiling issue of its own early Saturday morning.

According to Seattle Police, officers were called to the restaurant for a report that a highly inebriated male had locked himself in the bathroom, had removed a ceiling tile and was now crawling around in the Marination Station ceiling. After 20 minutes of the shenanigans as officers told the man to exit the ceiling through the same route he had entered, the man suddenly busted through the tiles and into the kitchen of the small restaurant, creating a reported five square-foot hole above.

The man was not seriously injured and was arrested and booked into jail for investigation of burglary, property destruction and providing false information — the drunk guy provided two different names and two different dates of birth to responding officers.

Marination was closed on Saturday due to the mishap but re-opened for the final day of the Block Party on Sunday.


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8 thoughts on “Marination Station gets surprise, unwanted Block Party visitor from above

  1. agreed – hope he is made to pay for all expenses. Would be even better if they could make him $$ responsible for loss of income, as I’m certain they would have had a ton of business Saturday, but I kinda doubt that’s feasible.

  2. The Block Party was so fucking lame this year I’m not surprised he was trying to escape any way his drunken mind could manage.

  3. Well, you always have the option of NOT GOING.
    I thought Friday and Saturday lineups were pretty good for the most part.

  4. This is why Capitol Hill liberals make me sick. You can get 1000 Democrats to drink PBR and listen to shitty bands, but you can’t get 1000 Democrats to rally for single payer health care, an end to Obama’s wars, and against police brutality.

  5. Obama’s wars? Hmm? Last time I checked the ones we were in were started by ol bushie…But folks like you never care about the facts.