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Where to see fireworks from Capitol Hill, 235th birthday edition

If you think you wouldn’t love enjoying the pyrotechnical spectacular above Lake Union on Monday, read this anecdote posted to CHS a few years ago when we were young but already showing signs of early onset cynicism:

(Image: CHS)


While watching the Lake Union fireworks from the I5 shores at Mercer at Melrose this year, the most amazing thing happened – someone started singing “The Star Spangled Banner” and everyone in earshot joined in! 

It was very touching to hear 100’s of people for blocks singing the National Anthem. Young and old, gay and straight, families and party groups, every skin color you could think of! Amazing. 

I’ve watched the fireworks from the same spot for years and this never happend before. 

It may never happen again. But you could be the patriotic inspiration you seek. Here are some notes on Monday’s gunpowder-powered fun culled from the CHS archives. Have new intelligence to add? Comments, please.

  • The fireworks show over Lake Union is scheduled to begin at 10:10 PM
  • The prime Capitol Hill-abutting viewing zone stretches along our northwest edge above Eastlake, of course. 
  • Do not try to drive anywhere in the area. You will not find parking.
  • The Lakeview overpass will be closed to cars and pedestrians during the show. More on street closures from Eastlake Ave.
  • Popular view spots include north of the Lakeview overpass:

More recently we discovered that Lakeview Boulevard E., just north of the Belmont-Eastlake I-5 overpass, is a great place to watch the distant Elliot Bay firework show and the in-your-face Lake Union show. There’s a wide sidewalk overlooking a steep slope down to I5 and the lake. A chain-link fence keeps you safe, but the blackberries growing in the fence can obstruct the view, so bring some gardening tools!

Am I spoiling it for myself by telling you? NO! it’s never been really crowded and I’ d much rather have you walk down and enjoy the view than the turkeys who drive in at the last moment, double park, leave their smelly engines running and blare their choice of music for all to “enjoy”. Note: the firefighters who turn up and sit on top of their truck to enjoy the show are NOT in that category. They often get called away during the show, but also get treats brought to them by partygoers in adjacent houses.

  • Nearby Bellevue Place Park
  • Side streets off 10th Ave E like E Boston or E Lynn (pictured on this post)
  • Various peek-a-boo views from the I-5 Shores area of the Hill
  • On the east edge of the Hill around 22nd and Galer affords a view of various Eastside displays.
  • originally uploaded by m33gs.
  • Parks usually leaves fields like Bobby Morris lit through the night to discourage shenanigans that would damage the artificial sports grass.
  • Personal fireworks are illegal in the City of Seattle
  • Happy 235th birthday, America.

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Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor
9 years ago

(see above) looks particularly overgrown this year. Allow 5 extra minutes for blackberry control.

9 years ago