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12th Ave’s Varro calls it quits selling off bar stools, sound system and even the booze

“Restaurant Closing – Equipment Open House” the Craigslist ad read. Below ran a list of items for sale including a pizza oven for $3,300, a Bose sound system for $3,500 and “other misc items.” Thursday morning, 12th and Pine’s Varro sold off what equipment it could.

“All items must be taken at time of sale, Cash and Carry. Thanks!”

Thus appears to end the final chapter of the Italian-styled lounge’s short time as a player in the burgeoning Capitol Hill food and drink scene. In July, CHS reported that the owners of the months-old Varro owed thousands in unpaid rent. After a brief closure for some “changes in the kitchen,” Varro briefly re-opened and posted a sign inside the lounge announcing that the rent had been paid. Soon after, Varro stopped opening and has been closed since.

In July, partner Glenn Walker told CHS that “Varro’s owners intend and certainly have the means to keep the business operating until we sell or re-concept.”

Thursday afternoon, many items had been cleaned out and the bar was mostly empty. Meanwhile, on Facebook, one local restaurant announced it had acquired new seating. The accompanying picture showed some familiar looking bar stools.

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  1. You can exchange it for another certificate.

    Actually, should contact you eventually with news of Varro’s closing, and a link to exchange the certificate, but you can exchange it before that time by emailing (I think that’s the correct email address). Include your certificate #. Try logging on, it’s possible you already have the option of making an exchange via

    I’ve done this a few times before. That’s what’s great about Not only do the certificates never expire, but you can exchange them too. Nothing to fear.

  2. Pretty sure you can’t sell the booze. You have to return unopened bottles to the liquor store for credit. Dang, I contacted them a week ago because I need one of those 36″ cocktail stations and $200 is unbelievable. They go for more. Anybody want to resell it to me?

  3. Doesn’t bring in money.

    I honestly thought from the looks of their sign they were a car dealership. Just BAD branding! And bad execution.

  4. I agree. I never liked the logo (it does look like a car or scooter logo), and I thought the interior was way too overdone – and not in a good way, but like in a Vegas way. I never went in because it never enticed me. That’s too bad – but hopefully something better will move in.