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Night Market on hiatus as it searches for new Capitol Hill home

The city’s new mobile food regulations aren’t helping Capitol Hill’s experiment in making a dedicated space for late night street food. The Capitol Hill Night Market won’t be open again this Saturday night as the Harvard parking lot it briefly called home this summer will no longer be available.

Organizer of the market idea, Diane Skwiercz of Street Treats said Diamond Parking wanted to be “aligned with the new legislative changes” so is no longer renting space to food trucks except for two downtown locations.

A last-call visit to the Night Market (Image: CHS)

The market has also faced challenges with scheduling enough trucks for the lot during the busy summer events season.

Skwiercz says they’re planning to boot the Night Market back up, though, and making plans for the fall season. First, they’ll need a new Capitol Hill space. She says parameters are close proximity to Broadway and Pike/Pine and room for four to five trucks. For all the parking lot owners in our audience, please consider making space. The rest of you, how come you don’t own a parking lot?

For a new street food fix, stop by Havana’s E Pike parking lot Thursday night during the Capitol Hill art walk as new Seattle mobile chow provider Bigfood Mobile stomps into the neighborhood for its debut. Menu shows an array of flatbread wraps including the $8 Redwood with spicy paneer, red onion, pineapple and cilantro sauce. You can learn more at

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4 thoughts on “Night Market on hiatus as it searches for new Capitol Hill home

  1. As far as I know, there was nothing in the new rules that prohibit food trucks in parking lots, so why is Diamond being like this? And is there any pay parking lot on Capitol Hill that is not managed by Diamond?

  2. That’s because the city’s new mobile food regulations are total bullshit. A signed agreement for a bathroom within 200 feet? That will never happen anywhere. The council passed this BS just to placate people and it was DOA.

  3. So er.. I guess I should thank the city for looking out for my bladder?

    That parking lot is already 10x the bathroom anybody could provide.