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On the List: Cairo Vibrations Festival, Linda’s Fest, Hopvine tennis, Shirts v. Shorts (+17 more)

If the Capitol Hill Block Party were free. And spread out across the entirety of Capitol Hill. And lasted all weekend and then some. Then it would be called the Capitol Hill Third Weekend of August 2011 Party. Here’s your guide to CHTWA11. Rock on.

Wednesday, August 17

Thursday, August 18

On the eve of our centennial, your stately neighborhood Conservatory will open its doors on two special evenings to give you a sneak peek of what’s to come in the next hundred years.

The Friends of the Conservatory are hosting two unique evening open houses this August. With plans to complete the final phase of the restoration, the upcoming centennial next year, and the constantly changing seasonal flora there is much to see and learn about!

Please join us from 6:00pm to 8:00pm on August 18, and 25.

Docents will be available to provide information about exciting new changes and share their vast horticultural knowledge. In addition, each evening will feature the following unique event:

August 18th- A look behind the scenes – take a guided tour of the rarely seen production facilities where the rotating collections are held!!

August 25th- Live music!

  • La Figa Live at Vermillion:

    You may well blush when chef and “pleasure activist” Tiberio Simone performs his live-model food art at Seattle’s Vermillion gallery and bar August 18th at 7 p.m.

    The event is a celebration of his new book with photographer Matt Freedman ‒ La Figa: Visions of Food & Form ‒ which features fresh-food body art that resembles delicious tattoos.

    In addition to the book’s almost edible photos, Simone recounts his food awakening growing up in southern Italy’s farm country; shares 20 of his favorite recipes; tips on food presentation – and even offers advice on seducing a lover with food.

Friday, August 19

Saturday, August 20

Cairo’s First annual VIBRATIONS Festival!

A FREE, all day Summer festival showcasing a few of our favorite acts from Cascadia and beyond!

Visuals by Dumb Eyes!

Featuring music by…

GRASS WIDOW (San Francisco)

PURPLE & GREEN (Portland)








Saturday, August 20th at the Volunteer Park amphitheater!

2 PM until 11PM, All ages, FREE FREE FREE

The noblest of summertime traditions is nigh upon us! Please mark your calendars for the 10th Annual Hopvine Tennis Tournament. 

We will commemorate this milestone with due respect. Dress for tennis and let the racquets do the talking! Tennis whites, short shorts, short skirts and low morals strongly encouraged. Short tempers and sloppy strokes, guaranteed. 

Bring a racquet and a doubles partner, if you have one. All levels are welcome. Finger sandwiches, mimosas and cocktails available courtside, BYOB. As the time-honored tradition goes, a magnificent handmade trophy designed this year by Hopvine proprietor, Dennis Ryan, will be awarded to the winning team along with a pitcher of beer and a large pizza at an afterparty at the Hopvine Pub.

LINDA’S FEST IS BACK FOR AN ENCORE!!! Saturday August 20th, the back parking lot of Linda’s Tavern will be ROCKIN’… And we don’t mean “rockin'” like the back seat of that sketchy van that has been parked on Boylston all week. Admission to Linda’s Fest will be FREE as always and we have curated an epic list of talent for this year’s festivities. Bands include:


Black Breath- 

A dangerous blend of thrash, death, crust, and hardcor

e. Think Fleet Foxes, Head and the Heart, and Band of Horses… WITH A FUCKING NEGATIVE SIGN IN FRONT OF THEM!

Tit Pig-
According to Wall of Dogs Cassette Tapes, Tit Pig “is a ripping testosterone-fueled nightmare ride. It’s way-too-high out-of-your-mind punk energy with good hooks and heavy riffs… Think GG Allin fisting Lemmy from Motorhead.” Brace yourself.

King Dude-
Gothic post-everything acousti-doom. Think Lou Reed, Michael Gira from SWANS, and Varg Vikernes from Burzum drinking a bunch of red wine together and sharing a moment. A BROment.

Glory Hole-
Glory Hole is radical Hole tribute band that will remind you of the incredible and dynamic songwriting talents of Kurt Cobain… ummmmm… I mean Courtney Love. It might be 2011 now, but when Glory Hole rips into their set of Hole classics, the ’94 vibes will immediately cause the sky be made of amethyst and the stars will look like little fish. Go on, take everything, We want you to.

Linda’s Fest will be contained in the Linda’s Tavern back lot, but we assume the brutal rock vibes will be felt and heard all throughout the 206 area code. The festivities commence at 6 and will cease at 10, but if you wanna stick around for a few more beers afterwards, we’re not gonna be upset with you. We will have commemorative t-shirts and hand-screened posters to remind you that you were at the show just in case you get amnesia from a mix of riffs, Rainier, and Ranch Hand Nachos. Food and drink specials along with our regular menu? Of course!!! What do you think we are, lightweights?


Sunday, August 21

Monday, August 22

Tuesday, August 23

  • Capitol Hill Housing 35th Anniversary picnic on E Harrison between 15th and 16th. Where it all begain:

    Capitol Hill Housing’s  35th Anniversary Picnic  August 23, 2011 5:00 pm to 8:00 pmAt E. Harrison Street and 15th Avenue E  on Capitol Hill Celebrate with food and drinks, music, entertainment, and special guests.Anyone with any connection to CHH is welcome–current and past staff, board members, residents, volunteers, neighbors, and friends. 

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  1. We live directly across the street from the people who had the EPIC MANSION GARAGE SALE a few weekends ago, so we’re calling ours EPIC MANSION GARAGE SALE THE SEQUEL. Come check it out!

    Saturday, August 20th
    from 11AM to 4PM

    1712 Belmont Ave on Capitol Hill

    Toys, videogames, clothes, electronics, books (so many books!) dvds, art, free stuff and more.

    This is a group garage sale so there will be a bunch of stuff! We even take credit cards, so cash isn’t even necessary! Crazy times.