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Witness report from 10th/John purse snatch

We missed a report of a Capitol Hill street robbery but eyewitness Michael shared details of the incident that happened early last Saturday morning near 10th and E John:

On Friday night around 12:30 as I was returning home I heard a woman screaming: “give it back”. Then about 3 mins later this guy, wearing a red shirt, raced by my place on foot, on 10th Ave E at a high rate of speed, headed south toward John St. This other guy was about a half a block behind him. He stopped asked me if I had seen anyone, I told him what I saw. He let me know the guy had just stolen a womens purse and he continued after him. I also went to look for the guy. He seemed to have just disappeared.

SPD showed up and took our statements Seems the woman was walking east on John with a friend when a guy snatched her purse and ran. The runner who had been chasing him saw him come up E 10th ave and began chasing him. So not a lot of info, however SPD was very fast in their response time. From what I could make out of the suspect, he was wearing a red shirt, had darker hair pulled back into a very tight brade, dark pants. I could not tell if he was Caucasian or mixed race, since it was dark, but he looked like he had more of darker skin tone. 

The purse snatch happened the same night as this reported armed robbery on the Seattle U campus. No suspects were arrested in either incident.

We’ll have a look at the latest East Precinct crime statistics next week.

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