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28 places to eat and drink on Hill today to support Country Doctor community health clinics

Capitol Hill restaurants and cafes from Volunteer Park to Seattle U are rallying this Wednesday for Eat Out on Capitol Hill, a benefit for the Country Doctor community health program. The 28 participating locations donating a portion of their day’s proceeds are below.

The Country Doctor Clinic on 19th Ave E offers low-cost health services to patients regardless of their ability to pay and is the destination many uninsured people on the Hill and beyond end up depending on when they are sick or injured. The 19th Ave E clinic is one of two locations operated by Country Doctor. They also operate the Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center at 21st and Yesler in the Central District.


Bimbo’s Cantina

Café Presse

Caffe Vita

ChaCha Lounge

Coastal Kitchen


Eltana Bagel Café


High 5 Pies

Julia’s on Broadway

La Bete

La Cocina

Molly Moon Ice cream


Oddfellows Café

Olympia Pizza

Peet’s Coffee Capitol Hill

Piecora’s Pizza

Poco Wine Room



Quinn’s Pub

Ristorante Machiavelli



The Copper Vine

The Tin Table

Volunteer Park Café.


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8 thoughts on “28 places to eat and drink on Hill today to support Country Doctor community health clinics

  1. Don’t just think of Country Doctor as a clinic for people with low income/no insurance. I’m reasonably well off, have insurance and I’ve been going to Country Doctor for almost 15 years – convenient and I’ve had really good treatment from everyone I’ve dealt with there.

    If more people *with* insurance that go there then they can continue to serve those less fortunate.

    A clinic for people from all walks of life… what a concept!

  2. I went there without insurance and it was great. I’m actually getting insurance at the end of the month and am still going to go to Country Doctor. They are great people and it’s a great idea for people to with insurance to go.