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8 oz. Seattle, burger bar with an LA story, coming to Capitol Hill

You have to hand it to the entrepreneurs who target Capitol Hill’s exploding food and drink scene. They don’t do it halfway — they go whole hog. A summer that has seen Blue Moon Burgers rise to Capitol Hill and home-team-backed Lil’ Woody’s join the fun around Melrose will apparently end with a third dedicated burger joint joining the Hill’s previously Dick’s-dominated hot meat sandwich landscape. But the back-story on this one might be more interesting than the foodie news.

Earlier this summer, Los Angeles’s 8 oz. Burger Bar suddenly shut down after a month-long “renovation” closure. We don’t know the fate of the SoCal operation, CHS has learned that restaurant concept is destined for Seattle’s Harvard Market complex that seems to have a revised restaurant scene thanks to (CHS advertiser) Marination Station.

No confirmation from the Market or the 8oz folks about where in the complex the burger bar will be located but the recently vacated Tidbit Bistro space at the corner of Broadway and Union was sold to an as-of-yet unnamed buyer.

The 8 oz. concept probably won’t surprise you — it, like an uncomfortably long list of comfort food providers, even has the magic blessing of things Oprah loves:

Chef/Partner Govind Armstrong brings his signature California style to our neighborhood burger bar. Armstrong along with 8oz.Executive Chef Jacob Wildman seek out the finest local ingredients and use only the best purveyors of humanenely raised and natural meats. Everything in our kitchen, from the house cured bacon to the homemade dill pickles are prepared with skill and care and we promise to deliver the highest quality food and drinks at affordable prices, in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Our signature burgers are made with the finest quality blend of humanely raised, hormone-free Black Angus sirloin. We grill all of our burgers over a wood burning grill, giving them an incredible flavor that is all our own. Our Estancia grass-fed beef, free-range turkey burger, and homemade veggie burgers can be customized to your liking with a long list of seasonal, house-made toppings. Not to be forgotten our menu also features several seasonal salads, sandwiches, and sides that you will be craving for. Come experience our short rib grilled cheese sandwich with onion marmaelade, and bel paese cheese that Oprah included on her “The Things We Love” episode. 

Those familiar with reality TV’s Top Chef might recognize Armstrong from Season 2 and for his appearance on Iron Chef. He is an expert in “California cuisine,” according to his website.

Armstrong was also a partner in Table 8, high profile restaurants in NY and LA along with a rather notorious backer, Josh Woodward.

In 2009, Table 8 and 8 oz. partner Woodward was arrested by Los Angeles Police after his girlfriend miscarried under what investigators said was suspicious circumstances:

The woman told detectives she had become suspicious after Joshua Woodward, the investor behind restaurants across the country, including Table 8, allegedly rubbed a white powder on her. Soon after coming in contact with the powder, she spontaneously aborted her 13-week-old fetus.

Woodward has, apparently, never been charged.

No word from 8 oz. on whether Woodward is involved in the Seattle operation. We’re checking with them for more details on the new restaurant and the company’s plans for its other locations in Miami Beach and inside a casino in lovely Bossier City, Louisiana. CHS’s call to Miami yielded this contact: “Email Josh,” the person who answered the phone said. Josh who?, we asked. “You’ll need to talk to him.”

Could be interesting. Could just be a guy named Josh. More when we sort it all out.

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13 thoughts on “8 oz. Seattle, burger bar with an LA story, coming to Capitol Hill

  1. I wonder if “affordable prices” means another $9-$10 hamburger? Cuz, you know….we don’t have enough of those around yet.

  2. At first I thought, just what we need a burger joint, but then I thought well, if it’s really good and not overpriced, maybe.

  3. do you mean just on the hill? because i’m not sure your facts are straight. regular burgers from dick’s, li’l woody’s and blue moon range from a couple of bucks up to about $7 for a 1/3 lb burger at woody’s. deluxe sells burgers for about $10 but those come with fries.

    i’m not sure where you’re going to get a third of a pound of cooked meat, bun, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle and cheese for less than $7 – unless it’s mcdonalds. but it seems there are several affordable burgers on the hill. i think your better comment would be, “do we need another burger place on the hill?”

  4. the only burger that i saw on their menu that was $11 was a lamb burger. here’s the rest of their offering (around $9 average):

    The 8 oz.: $10
    house blend, iceberg, pickle, tomato, white onion, 8 oz. special sauce

    Melrose: $8
    6 oz. house blend, wild baby arugula, garlic roasted tomatoes, red onion marmalade

    Estancia Grass Fed Beef: $9
    tomato, onion, pickle, charred escarole, roasted mushrooms, 8 oz. special sauce

    Veggie: $8
    wild baby arugula, sunflower sprouts, 8 oz. special sauce, tomato, onion, pickle, avocado

    Fillet of Fish: $8
    classically fried or grilled, fried caper tartar sauce, iceberg, onion, pickle

    Turkey: $8
    saut�ed mustard greens, bacon, horseradish dijonaise, 8 oz. special sauce, tomato, onion, pickle

    Three Little Pigs: $10
    all pork blend, pickled onions, avocado, iceberg, mayo, pepperjack cheese and poblano relish

    Niman Ranch Lamb: $11
    pickled tomatoes, cucumber raita, harissa and wild baby arugula

  5. the miami menu is where the prices go up, STEEPLY:

    The 8 oz.: $13
    house blend, iceberg, pickle, tomato, white onion, 8 oz. special sauce

    Kobe Grass-Fed: $14
    grilled sweet onions, wilted spinach, tomato, roasted garlic aioli

    Melrose: $11
    6 oz. house blend, wild baby arugula, garlic roasted tomatoes, red onion marmalade

    Niman Ranch Lamb: $14
    garlic aioli, sliced tomato, onion, pickle, charred escarole, roasted mushrooms

    Veggie: $10
    wild baby arugula, 8 oz. special sauce, tomato, onion, pickle, avocado

    Filet of Fish: $12
    mahi mahi classically fried or grilled, fried caper tartar sauce, iceberg, onion, pickle

    Turkey: $11
    charred escarole, bacon, horseradish dijonaise, tomato, onion, pickle

    Bison: $16
    roasted garlic tomato, fried onions, bacon crumble blue cheese dressing

  6. Look closer. Yes, the burger is $10. If you notice, cheese is another $1, which is why I said their basic burger with cheese added is $11. Optional specialty sauces are another $3. Yes, I would agree it’s questionable whether we need another burger place on the hill. OTOH, I would not even have Dick’s in this discussion, since these others are an entirely different league. But since JITB is gone, Dicks has the lock on the low end with no competition.

  7. The Miami location is actually Miami Beach, right in the middle of the tourist zone. Which probably explains why it’s higher priced than the LA location.

  8. These burger looks a whole lot more gourmet than the current burger joints on the hill. Even if it’s a extra couple bucks, if it is good, it is well worth the price. I am sick of these dry fast food types of burgers on the hill!