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City will lower 2012 Broadway parking rates between John and Pine

Parking in some parts of the Hill will get a little cheaper next year as the city rolls out adjusted on-street rates. After looking at preliminary parking use data gathered this summer, SDOT is tweaking the on-street rates across the city.

Most rates will remain the same, including Broadway north of John, Pike/Pine, First Hill and 12th Avenue.

However, the section of Broadway between John and Pine saw high enough vacancy that the city is lowering those rates in an attempt to provide relief to the higher occupancy areas in the neighborhood. The city has stated that its goal is to achieve an 80 percent occupancy rate on all blocks so that a space or two is free most of the day. According to the plan, it will cost $0.50 less to park between John and Pine starting in 2012.

Here’s a map of parking occupancy in the neighborhood. The boxed area shows streets where the rates will be lowered to $2.50 per hour.

From SDOT:

•    The highest average occupancy is clustered in the northern sections of Broadway, as well as at the intersection of Broadway and Pine Street. Based on peak utilization patterns, the 12th Avenue Area north of Pine Street could also be considered high demand, especially during weekend and evening peaks.

•    Capitol Hill will benefit from the introduction of a tiered rates parking management strategy; this approach uses the data to determine the boundaries and pricing, in contrast to a general district approach.

•    It is anticipated that lower rates will increase utilization of the lower occupancy areas and provide relief to the higher demand areas by encouraging people to park south of E Olive Way / E John Street.

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