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Most expensive Capitol Hill home sale ever? $11.2 million ‘mystery’ mansion hits market

(Images: Windermere)

This Harvard Ave E Capitol Hill mansion is up for sale with a price tag that would make it — by far — the most expensive home sale ever recorded in the neighborhood, according to a list of top sales provided to CHS by a local real estate expert.

The home hit the market last week with an unlisted address and a whopper of an asking price — $11.2 million. That would nearly double the price of the current recorded top sale — a $5.8 million transaction that went down on a 22nd Ave E home in 2007.

The map below shows the top 10 recorded sales for Capitol Hill according to a dataset provided to us by Hill real estate expert and CHS contributor Marlow Harris of

CHS has identified the unlisted property as 1137 Harvard Ave E. Here’s the description from the sale listing:

Magnificent Georgian-style home with beautiful grounds and sweeping western views. Designed by Carl Gould, completed in 1912, meticulously updated. Gated entry with circular drive and porte cochere. Grand scale rooms with exquisite millwork, walnut floors and high ceilings. Elegant formals; paneled library; kitchen with marble counters and top-notch appliances; cozy den; sunroom; 5 bedrooms; 8½ baths; 7 fireplaces; 2 offices; media room; stone terrace; 2-level lawn; spa; elevator; 2 garages.

Yup. Eight bathrooms. Seven fireplaces. The 12,000 square-foot mansion sits on more than a half-acre of land on the western edge of Capitol Hill overlooking Lake Union. Seattle sports surgeon Merritt Auld acquired the property in 1987 for $1.2 million, according to King County records.

Somewhat ironically, the best history of the home we can find online is the marketing material posted by neighboring high-end condo complex Harvard & Highland. According to their site, the mansion was the long-time home of timber baron Julius Bloedel.


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33 thoughts on “Most expensive Capitol Hill home sale ever? $11.2 million ‘mystery’ mansion hits market

  1. A McMansion in the city. But, that’s OK, right? Since it’s in the city? It’s only evil to have a house that big in the suburbs.

    Tear it down and build 250 square foot condos and sell ’em for $500k each; with salvaged parts of the original home, of course. That way the developer could be “green” and get away with charging more. The yuppies will be salivating at a chance to live in the “wealthy and historic North Capitol Hill.” LOL

  2. The house was built in 1912. It’s a bonafide mansion not a wannabee McMansion. And certainly built much, much better than that monstrosity on Mercer Island that nobody wants.

  3. Argh, you are exactly the kind of newbie person I want to punch. This part of Capitol hill is still the nice part because there aren’t as many big ass condos. I had the fortune of living in one of these north end mansions (split into two residences) and while I moved out of the city recently I felt grateful every day to have the honor of living in that neighborhood.

    Fark half a million dollar cheapo condos. Some beautiful details need to be spared.

    Oh, and you should look up McMansion before you spew that term. Get it right.

  4. Nouveau riche over-done vulgarity on Mercer Island, or genuine old classy mansion on Capitol Hill from the founding days of Seattle? Surely you jest- there is no comparison. They sure don’t make them like that anymore, regardless of how many tacky million$ they throw at it on Mercer Island or the Eastside.

    Not sure why this article calls it a “mystery”? The only mystery is whether anyone’s going to have $11.2 million to buy it.

  5. Oh the fun little ‘this is Cap Hill/ this is CD’ saga.
    For the record 22nd Ave is for the most part in the CD 22nd Ave E is the hill. Move along.

  6. What are you doing on a CH blog anyway if you’re looking at real estate in MI? The fact that you would compare the two makes your comment absolutely moronic. Why not compare this mansion with homes in Issaquah or Sammamish while you’re at it? The proximity to downtown is what makes this neighborhood so sought after.

  7. This house is at least 5 million over priced. I hope the owners are not selling because they are having money problems??? Bad time to have to sell!

    This thing is not selling anytime soon – come on people, this is not 2006! Who the hell is the realitor on this house – do you understand how foolish you look. Bring it down to 6million and you might have an offer at 4.8 or so.

    Give me that big yellow place up on 10th for 5 mil before this for even 7 million.

  8. Nice piece of property but the price tag is to high. $6 million is more reasonable. The property taxes along is will be close to $500.000 a year. And not having info on it’s past will also scare people off.

  9. Its overpriced yes, but having spent much of my youth growing up with the family that resides their and knowing the house quite well…. Its easily one of the nicest residences in the city of Seattle. (Maybe other than some of the Reed estate mansions down in Madison Park….)

    I don’t get the mystery part of the article. The house is on Harvard on capitol hill, just like many of the nice old mansions in this city are… The family is a prominent well known clan that has New York roots but as i remember all their kids have grown up and moved on. Actually Mr. Auld used to be the head doctor for the Seahawks.

    Time to downsize!

  10. “…not if Obama has any say….. “

    Oh spare me, please. Get a life. There are plenty of rich people who could afford this if they want. Warren Buffet, for example– who thinks his tax rates should be higher.

  11. Come on, MI isn’t so bad. I’m downtown in the same amount of time from MI than I am from my house on 16th Ave E and I don’t have to deal with the junkies smoking crank in my garage. Give me 20M and you’ll never hear from me again. You can even use my big ass house on the hill as the group home someone else mentioned.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous, but I can’t fathom living like that. I’ll take the guest cottage though…or the pool house…or the gatehouse, whatever is available. And of course I’ll be available for the dinner parties…

  13. No it’s not the CD, it clearly states in the article where the house is located (Western side of Capitol Hill overlooking Lake Union). Another clue is the view photo. It is obviously a view of Lake Union, with Queen Anne hill in the background.

    Learn to comprehend what you read, and know your city.

  14. MI is “East Side” Lite – the place is bland, boring and homogeneous – exactly the type of neighborhood I would not want my kid growing up in. Different strokes though, I would like to be able to walk downtown, dodge some riff-raff, walk to ballgames and not have to drive downtown on anywhere for that matter. If MI/East Side is so great, stay there.

  15. Group home… what a dumb idea. Just because someone else can afford this kind of home doesn’t mean I’m going to pull the “Occupiers” card and say that the expensive homes should be used to treat and house those who need help. That would definitely taint the neighborhood.

  16. My mother and I looked at this house in 1979-80 when I was ten and it was going for 250k and the McCracken family from Mission Viejo bought it we moved from LA to edmonds and we bought a 5 bedroom home in horse property at picnic point beach for 45k but we looked at a mansion on capitol hill that had a ballroom uptairs it was second empire stone for 80k even at ten I knew to buy there dont ask me why thats why I remember all the prices so well.