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Reminder | Wear orange, bring flowers, twine — UPDATE: Pictures, remembrances

(Image: CHS)

An icon of Capitol Hill’s independent coffee culture will be remembered Tuesday as friends, loved ones and lovers will gather at Espresso Vivace’s Alley 24 location on Yale Ave N for a morning march up Capitol Hill to picnic in Volunteer Park.

You’re encouraged to bring flowers and some twine — and to wear orange, Brian Fairbrother’s favorite color.










CHS will be joining the march as it reaches Capitol Hill after leaving South Lake Union and visiting the crash site in Eastlake. In the meantime, @seabikeblog (our very own Tom) is tweeting from along the route and sent us this picture:

(Image: @seabikeblog)

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Brian Williamson
9 years ago

I am so sorry to have had to miss this (working) but absolutely inspired almost to tears by the outpouring of love and caring from everyone who attended (now I wish I had just blown the job off and come). Brian was a dear friend and I’m certain that he would be impressed with the turnout. You guys totally rock.

9 years ago

What wonderful friends

9 years ago

I love seeing the pictures of Brian that have been popping up (and the video!!). I was continuously awestruck (and jealous) at how he never seemed to age over the years – maybe he looked so good because his energy was so vibrant. I loved Brian ’cause he was always 100 percent present when we’d hang out and our conversations were fantastic! The guy was smart, progressive, caring, and very much a realist.
I’m sorry to have not attended the memorial but honestly, my heart is aching a little too much to go. Brian’s legacy, however, is already empowering and these pictures definitely bring a smile to my face!

9 years ago

I no longer live on Capital Hill; nevertheless, I agree with so many that Brian Fairweather was the Broadway Bodhisattiva. I see Brian’s steps on the Broadway sidewalk on the way to Vivace saying “walk this way.”