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Travelers needs help after Beacon Hill expansion

This spring, we reported a mostly happy story of longtime Capitol Hill fixture Travelers Tea Co. expanding to a new restaurant on Beacon Hill. Despite the limbo-like nature of its E Pine existence, the news seemed like a happy change for the food, drink and retail entity. But all is not well and Travelers owners are asking for help. We assume business done here on the Hill would also help cover the bills over on Beacon Hill. Here’s the plea via Facebook:

We’ve always been open with our customers, our community, when we’ve needed your help, and you have always come through for us. Thank you for your continuing support that has allowed us to survive 13 years, including some very hard times. Travelers is again at a difficult point, our survival depends upon your support.

We have been really excited about our new restaurant, and we were slammed with customers when we opened the doors. We hired more people, “real servers,” more kitchen support, a Nepali farm woman (seriously!). All great folks. But business has dropped off, and the bills kept coming. Payday is coming, and we need your help.

Here’s what we are doing to make us easy to support

Payroll Party! Thursday night September 22nd, come help us harvest enough bounty to compensate our wonderful staff and get us through our big crunch. To make it a real party we are offering a couple of super dealsGet an extra 20% with any $100 gift certificateTake 20% off any sale totaling $100 or more

You can add up lots of little stuff and still get the 20% discount. With the certificates, the extra 20% can be a separate $20 certificate if you prefer. We’ll be open at both locations with tasty food and beverages. We have wine and beer too at the Beacon location (try a Taj from India, or a Kingfisher), delicious with pakoras.

If you’re a fan, consider this your rare chance to help out something you love before it disappears. If you’re a comment troll hater of charity, you’re on the wrong site.

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12 years ago

Went for a thali at Beacon Hill Travellers a couple of weeks ago… was delicious. The best Indian food in Seattle in my opinion and I’m a Londoner, so my curry standards are high!

12 years ago

Only one comment? Looks like you scared off the trolls!

Eric S
12 years ago

We had lunch there today on their outdoor patio and enjoyed another yummy meal. And so close to the light rail station, too. If you’re in a rush, go someplace else. But, their food is well worth the wait.