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Capitol Hill food+drink | Return of the Rosebud, Baguette shutters, Zoe 2012

It’s Monday again? What the hell! Tips?

  • The legend of Capitol Hill’s Rosebud will include a resurrection. And possibly a few more tiffs. A month ago, CHS reported on “one last Sunday brunch” at the venerable E Pike eatery and watering hole as Todd Nordahl’s tenure as owner came to a rapid close following a dust-up with the building’s landlords. CHS has learned that plans are afoot to reopen a restaurant in the spirit if not likeness — and if not name — of the Rosebud at the joint’s longtime 719 E Pike location.

Details are still being worked out but we’re told that longtime Robert Sondheim is likely to be part of the restoration of the original Rosebud recipe on E Pike.

How these new plans fit with Nordahl’s plans to re-open only  a few block away “in the next few months” is not clear.

  • E Madison’s walk-up banh mi provider Baguette is not long for this world. The little stand adjacent theBullitt Center construction site and across the street from Healeo is closing October 27th.
  • Terra Plata did not open last Friday because they weren’t supposed to even with CHS’s mistaken reporting. Seattle Eater has pictures from inside an empty and very pretty Terra Plata. We’ll visit soon. In the meantime, enjoy this view from Terra Plata’s roof posted by a guest at a recent preview night at the new addition to the Melrose Market.

    (Image: Paul Bauer via Facebook)

  • When will Restaurant Zoe open at 14th and Union to join Oola Distillery? You’ll have to wait for 2012.
  • You’ve probably heard by now that legendary Seattle bartender Murray Stenson is now doing his thing as part of an all-star team at 12th Ave’s mixology cathedral Canon. Certainly an impressive mix at Canon but we think Stenson should have taken the opportunity to reinvent himself at the Unicorn or pulling tap at the nearby Chieftain.
  • Remember our report on Neighbors and the HG Lodge about the clubs trying to work out solutions after the city discovered that both were operating in buildings with restaurant — not nightclub — permits? HG has started its paperwork on the change of use process with the city. Neighbours? We can’t find anything filed.
  • State of WA Liquor Control Board says it is considering the extended service hours petition from Seattle.
  • 8oz Burger Seattle is Facebooking up a storm as its buildout continues.
  • Extremely tempted to post a picture of the empty parking available right now (Monday, 12:12p) on Broadway but whatever. Seattle Weekly says some nice stuff about Joe Bar.
  • DIY (Decorate it Yourself) cupcakes every Monday at Cupcake Royale.
  • Seattle Times likes Poquitos.
  • Dlist likes Grim’s.
  • Poppy likes Altura.
  • Lovely feature on Poppy’s gatekeeper Kate Johnson.
  • Nothing more than… yum:

  • Homegrown Breakfast, originally uploaded by sahafoto.
  • Seattle Met says the biggest problem at Ba Bar are the menus: “These underembellished menus are a problem, in part because of Ba Bar’s insider Vietnamese identity—what sort of crab soup is ‘bun rieu,’ and how does pork blood cake figure in?—and in part because of the Banhs continuing inability to nail service. Wherever menus need as much explication as Ba Bar’s do, servers should be all the more attentive and well versed.”
  • E Madison’s Bottleneck Lounge is holding its annual Hillside Harvest Feast this Saturday. Its the fifth year for the event and, even though it has a permanent home now down the street at 14th and Union, Skillet will be on hand again to serve up the chow. Doors at 2p, Skillet at 3p until the food runs out.
  • Manhattan Drugs burger bar working on the bar end of things.

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17 thoughts on “Capitol Hill food+drink | Return of the Rosebud, Baguette shutters, Zoe 2012

  1. Hey there – the times for the Hillside Harvest on CHS are correct – doors at 2 and Skillet at 3. We changed the times after the posters went up in the bneck windows — goodness, Douglasm – you get an A+ for observation…….

  2. I don’t know how well this 8oz place will do. They’re going into an odd location that is an afterthought (and I live/work right around there.) Also that Lil’ Woody’s spot on Pine is REALLY good (albeit a bit slow) and always full of people so they’re going to have to make some kind of splash to compete.

    I for one, welcome our new burger overloads. After wading through the “new” pizza, thai, sushi spots that popped up in the blink of an eye over the last 18 months…I’m just glad we have diversity. I HAVE A DREAM!

  3. Apparently, it’s food porn for the many people who think of oatmeal as comfort food.
    …I’m not one of them, but then, most folks don’t get the beauty of borscht, so I’m not gonna judge.

  4. Oatmel is great food substance. Very easy to prepare, fine raw, yu can always gag it down with whatever you have a liquid, my childhood, and as grains go, in a class alone, ie. fiber, nutreiants, allergies, digests easily, etc. Always fed to invalids in older times.

    People on the Hill eat it cause it is cheap – comfort food on my oat floured ass.

    And – the best burger deal in town is PURR on Monday – 6.00 including tap, any kind – how do you beat that, nice staff, great space. LOCAL owner who supports the communities, too. (love Barbie, you bet)

  5. What a shame about Baguette. Those were some AWESOME sandwiches. What should be closing is Ba Bar. Unbelievably bad service– gave it two tries, there won’t be a third.

  6. Too bad for you….the food at BaBar is fantastically yummy!

    The owners (Eric and Sophie Banh) are real pros of the restaurant business, and I’m sure they will fix any problems that need fixing, including inattentive service. I’ll bet they are reading the reviews and will act accordingly. Give them a little time…it’s a very new place!

  7. Maybe the service would be better if they didn’t berate their servers in front of customers.

    As we know from Poppy, past performance does not always guarantee success.

  8. You mean the same Robert that ran it into the ground previously, ha! What a loser. We’ll see how this plays out. Thank goodness Todd has cut ties with that cluster f*** and moved on to something much much better! Btw jSeattle, you shouldn’t believe everything Robert tells you. He’s a liar and a snake. Good luck sinking again Rosebud with no business that Todd brought in there (at least you still have the remodel).

  9. Poppy has some of the best customer service in Seattle (their GM, Kate, is a goddess). The food and the cocktails are delicious. Jerry Traunfeld delivers some of the best flavors in the City.

  10. No comment on the up and down of business partners.

    BUT for the last year both the service and food quality have been like a yoyo – each time there was a whole new world.

    Undercooked chicken, an hour wait, mistakes on the bill, couple of insults from one server that my group let pass, as they spent over 200.00

    Maybe new effort will be better … love the location and the space.