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CHS talks to the wrong Andrew Meyer

The Texas man wrongly identified as the “yuppie scum” in the Victoria Liss and Bimbos Cantina receipt incident tells CHS that he hopes the situation can help everybody better understand the power — and responsibility — of using social media. He also says he can still laugh at what has happened to him over the past week. And, yes, he’s considering legal action for defamation of character. But mostly he just wants an apology and some consequences for Victoria Liss.

“She kind of picked a lucky guy,” Andrew Meyer told CHS by phone Friday afternoon. “I still laugh at it from day to day. I’m not the kind of guy to go after somebody unless they deserve it.”

Laughs or no, the situation is plenty serious for Meyer. He tells CHS he has sought legal counsel but isn’t sure where he’ll go with it at this point. For him, it’s important to protect the reputation he’s earned in his profession. In Texas, Meyer is currently working in the private club industry, he said.

“I’ve been in the restaurant industry all my life,” Meyer said. “For anything like this to come out is a striking blow.”

Bimbos/Cha Cha has declined to comment on the incident and Liss. Bimbos, by the way, is a CHS advertiser. And the other Andrew Meyer — the real(?) Andrew Meyer who allegedly left the zero tip and the nasty note — nobody has yet heard from him.

But this Meyer — the other Andrew Meyer — he tells CHS he found out about the unfolding situation in a series of Saturday night texts from people in Seattle he used to manage at the Cheesecake Factory before he moved three years ago. “At first I brushed it off,” Meyer said. By Sunday, it was all over the news.

Meyer said he has been able to laugh off the situation despite the torrent of hate mail and ugly messages that ended up directed at him, his wife Jennifer and even his mother.

“I got 68 hate messages in my inbox,” Meyer said. “But only 3 apologies. It’s a whole lot easier to say something mean when you can just type it, I guess.”

CHS connected with the couple when Meyer’s wife Jennifer sent us this mail about the impact the situation has had on their lives:

To Whom It May Concern:
I just finished reading your article – Another Andrew Meyer apology – and would like to make a response. I am absolutely sickened by the amount of press coverage Victoria Liss is receiving from the media regarding the public social media crusade she started against my husband, Andrew “Andy” Meyer. Andrew Meyer is a common name and I am not certain the number of different Andrew Meyer’s she “attacked” before claiming my husband was THE customer who stiffed her from a tip and made a degrading comment about her weight. However, she decided to post my husband’s picture which, in turn, led to others “digging up” information on him…some going as far to find his photo and college information from the Texas Tech Phi Kappa Psi website.

 I would like to clarify for the record that she has not personally apologized to Andy regarding the situation she created. She has apologized through those who write the articles about this situation and to those who read her facebook wall. My husband received disturbing messages, some as far as threatening to kill him, for days. And I received countless messages harassing me about marrying a “national joke”.

 The mistake was discovered after my husband contacted Cha Cha Lounge to let them know that we had moved from Seattle to Dallas three years ago and have not been to visit since. They responded that they would take down the post but could not control those who had already re-posted his picture. Fortunately, they came out several hours later with an apology (both personally and publicly). It’s unfortunate that an individual and business would react to a negative situation through the use of social media to bully/harass another individual rather than respond in an appropriate manner. 

 What does this say to our children who are bullied/harassed on a daily basis by their peers in school? Often times the end result is catastrophic – alcohol/drugs, dropouts, suicide, etc. It is my hope that all parties involved – Victoria, Cha Cha Seattle, and news sources – really use this opportunity to reflect on the consequences of how they attempted to resolve this particular manner and, in the future, THINK before they start a campaign to victimize somebody else.

Jennifer Meyer

Meyer said he is not sure where he’ll go with the attention the situation has garnered. He has been called by a few television producers but he’s been taking his time sorting out the options and letting things settle out after a manic few days. He’d like people to learn from the situation and take more responsibility for their actions online.

“What you do on on Facebook, as soon as it’s linked and posted it spreads,” Meyer said. “And sometimes it spreads very, very fast.”

Meyer would also like to hear from Liss. 

“The ball’s in her court. She knows she can send me a message on Facebook,” Meyer said. “She’s apologized publicly to the Andrew Meyers of the world. But I still haven’t heard an apology from her.”

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88 thoughts on “CHS talks to the wrong Andrew Meyer

  1. I would hope that Ms. Liss and Cha Cha would be direct in their apologies before parting ways. I’m not a regular of the Cha Cha but have been numerous times over the years. Ms. Liss ought to be looking into a different line of work because as common of a name as Andrew Meyer is, Liss is not.

  2. Thanks for posting this – it’s the closest thing to an apology that Meyer (the wrong Meyer!) has gotten from the local media. And Jennifer’s email perfectly articulated the dangers of the internet mob mentality.

    it is disturbing that Victoria Liss has not offered a sincere apology. I do hope she has some semblance of awareness of her role in this fiasco, although her own words on the matter imply otherwise.

  3. No kidding. The obvious lesson that STILL seems to be lost on some, is QUIT DIGGING UP POTENTIAL “suspects”. Just let it go. Liss should apologize, they should work it out themselves, and everyone else should just STFU, butt out, and stop perpetuating this silliness.

  4. Save your ass Cha Cha/Bimbos and fire the young lady who failed to foresee the consequences of her impulsive actions and opened your business wide open to expensive legal trouble. I have friends who work at these spots and would hate to see them lose their jobs because a lawsuit closed down their place of employment. She made a number of terrible decisions based on a knee jerk reaction to being called fat by an asshole…and then couldn’t remember what the person she supposedly provided service to looked like?? This is a sad case of a successful business that’s run by smart owners who are now in the middle of a shit-storm involving asshole customers and idiotic servers. Fire the idiot>>>>Ban the asshole from your bar>>>Look better in court because of it.

  5. I am a regular at both Bimbos and the Cha Cha Lounge and am also a friend of Victoria’s. She did not post the Facebook profile or picture of the wrong Andrew Meyer, that was some other person!!! Nor, did Bimbos or the Cha Cha post it. It was the Facebook community and irresponsible journalists who did no fact checking before they launched their lynch mob.

    And by the way, everyone seems to be forgetting that he stole money from her tip jar and called her fat. The real Andrew Meyer is lucky she did not call the police and file a theft report on him.

  6. Is it actually legal for an employee to publish something like that? It’s a copy of his receipt for friggin’ payment, with his signature on it. I would think, even if she was “right”, she should be fired just for pulling a stunt like that in the first place. Even if it’s not illegal, it’s certainly unethical. I hope she’s black-balled from the business.

  7. The one thing good attorneys are useful for is filing very large lawsuits, I sincerely hope this Andrew Meyer finds a great one and shuts a few businesses down.

  8. Did he actually take money, or do you mean that metaphorically (honest question)? Also, SHE DID post the receipt. That alone was enough to start such a circus – Oh, wait; it did.

  9. Yes, you’re right. Victoria just posted a picture of the receipt with all the identifying information needed for her flying monkeys to hunt the guy down. She’s so innocent. What an unprofessional immature little girl. If she’s so sensitive, she needs to find a new line of employment.

  10. If I was the owner I’d feel I had no choice. I guess the biggest problem is that they were somewhat complicit in the whole thing by not shutting all this crap down right away. The legal ramifications are one thing. What if the “real” (or not real) Andrew was a nutjob and came back to sort this out himself? Stupid knee jerk reactions can have far reaching consequences.

    So she didn’t get her tip…let it go. And as for these people “still trying to track down the real Andrew”…what the fuck are you doing? It’s done! If you did find him, what would it achieve? You are bordering on obsessive, scary behavior. Do you think that you’ll get some reward (a date with Liss?). Seriously, is this some form of chivalry!

    At this point, if I was channeling money or advertising into Cha Cha I’d be talking to management and voicing my concerns. Anyway. Treating Liss like shit by not tipping and leaving nasty comment = Appalling.

    Liss responding the way she did and subsequent irresponsible witch hunt = Equally appalling!

  11. Really this whole thing just reeks of irresponsibility on the part of Bimbos and ChaCha as well as CHS. Some guy was a jerk to a waitress. Big deal. Was the poor attitude and shitty note uncalled for? Yes! But the proper, adult response is not to take the guy’s credit card receipt (with signature) and post it and his name online. Really, the moment that people started calling for this guy to get assaulted or even killed (!!!) on the CHS facebook page the comments should have been deleted and turned off to discourage this behavior.

    Victoria should be reprimanded and punished by her employers for violating the trust of their customers. Even if this one guy was a jerk I now have no desire to ever go to Bimbo’s ever again (or if I have to because of friends, I certainly will be paying in cash). The customer who was mean to Victoria is a douche, but Victoria is obviously an immature little girl who I now think retroactively deserves the scorn she got that night because of her current actions.

    Grow the fuck up. Working in the service industry sucks, I know, I’ve done it for years. But if you can’t pony up to the job then just quit or something, don’t take it somewhere you can’t control it.

  12. I find it odd that the whole “And, he stole money from the tip jar” came up about a full day after all the shit started flying?

    So…did he do that or didn’t he? Why didn’t that come up right away?
    Just trying to get the facts straight, people :)

  13. Sigh. But she did. Victoria posted both a picture and a link to the Facebook profile of the wrong Andrew Meyer on HER wall. I’ve seen the posts myself. She’s since taken them down and has hidden posts on her profile.

  14. Seriously, Troy J Morris? You, sir, are an ass-clown.
    You weren’t so hard to find yourself, ya’ know? (Cute kitty video that you uploaded from your Android phone, btw, and good choice on the flannel sheets.) ;)

  15. Sigh. I would delete this but given the (mostly useful) responses, I’ll leave in place as an example. If Andrew Meyer has anything to say, we’ll hear from him.

  16. I actually have a friend who is of the same type as the waitress in question. She’s a good bartender to her friends… and that’s about it. And then she doesn’t understand why she gets complaints.

  17. First, she went way too far posting personal information on the internet. And I’m sorry…call me a bitch, but she is fat and could lose a few pounds. We don’t know the whole story anyways and maybe she was really rude to the real tipper. Whether or not he should have wrote anything is now beyond the point. She should be fired for posting personal information and now she really should be fired. I will NEVER go to that restaurant if they don’t do something. People should be entitled to their privacy and whether or not they want to leave a tip. She needs to apologize to Meyer and not the media. And anyone who sent him a nasty e-mail should apologize. I am so sick of people thinking they can write whatever they want and not have to deal with the consequences because they don’t see this person face to face. Its called bullying and how about we all grow up.

  18. The facts: 1)She did post his pic, but took it down, 2)she is fat, 3)and she should be fired/sued for posting personal information regardless of who the real Meyer is…well I guess that is more of a logical opinion. She created a whole mess of things and needs to set it right.

  19. Its too bad that there are adults out there that think the world owes them something when someone is rude to them. She should have just put on her grown-up face, been pissed for a minute and got on with her life.

    And one thing we still have yet to hear about…maybe she did a shitty job and didn’t deserve a tip? Funny how these things play out and we see that she is immature and that could be a reflection of not getting a tip?

  20. …a tip: Don’t do anything legal. You want to protect your name? Look like a winner? Go on some shows and have a laugh about it. Trying to do something legal will just make you look like someone who can’t deal with life. Also, this will all be over in, like, a week. Hell, it’a already over. I know it was all up in your life for a few days and everything, so it feels like EVERYONE IN THE WORLD SAW YOUR PICTURE AND HATES YOU, but actually, no. It’s really not a big deal and no one is going to remember it, I promise. Just let it go.

  21. Dan Savage made the same mistake by implicating the wrong Andrew. This situation ended up getting nationwide media coverage. Was the customer perhaps drunk and not thinking straight? Maybe his girlfriend wrote the offensive note? In the future please keep things in perspective and think twice before starting a witch hunt.

  22. This whole business about the tip jar doesn’t ring true. No calling of the cops? OK, fine. Seattle hipsters hate cops. Then no bus boy or other staff member ready to throw down to get it back? You would think that once the comment was left on the receipt and the tip jar emptied that it would be on like Donkey Kong but it wasn’t. The only thing that happened was a camera phone pic and a facebook post. Check your shoe, I think we stepped into something with this story.

  23. (Link’s broken). It’s okay not to be nice, but I recall very distinctly people offering to “punch his face” and “beat the shit out of him”. It wasn’t pretty. Hopefully they realized that those comments shouldn’t be on there.

  24. In retialation for the harm done to Andy, everyone should go to Bimbos Cantina, ask for Victoria to be your waitress and then Do Not tip her.

  25. Jennifer,

    Where do you get the following?

    “…the situation she created.”

    This so-called “situation” was “created” by one Andrew Meyer, and not by Victoria Liss.

    That these well-meaning people cannot use widely available websites such as:

    (instead of relying on inadequate websites like Facebook) to determine the front-running candidate for being THE Andrew Meyer (lets first guess/investigate the one who lives less than half-a-mile from Bimbo’s) … in no way lessens the fact that the ‘real’ Andrew Meyer “created” this situation.

    Please redefine your world to mesh with reality.

  26. Inowned successful restaurants for years, and one of the very few no nos was to give a customer grief for the amount of money given in a tip. I have fired employees for doing this——-

  27. Victoria was well within her rights to do as she pleased with a personal message written to her on the stationery of the writer’s choosing.

    Furthermore, were Bimbo’s to fire Victoria Liss over this incident they would be immediately in receipt of a big, fat lawsuit brought forth by Ms. Liss based on her (then former) employer having fostered an environment of harrassment in the workplace. She would have proof as it now exists all over the online world.

    Andrew Meyer is the only one in the wrong here, people, and, as they say, the proof is on the pad. It’s one thing to feel a certain way about somebody, or speak a certain way to someone, but when you write it down for the whole world to witness, then YOU become the rightful target of public scorn.

    Safe to say that, with his next burrito, Andrew Meyer will get his just desserts.

  28. This has exactly nothing to do with the amount of Andrew Meyer’s tip to server Victoria Liss. She never suggested a word of ‘wrong’ in that.

    This, as is made clear by every story written about it world-wide, is all about the entirely-inappropriate-under-any-circumstances message written personally to that server.

    You know it, I know it, and you know I know it.

  29. If the Yelp review is to be believed, she deserved that remark as well as no tip. It is too harsh with no context, but fully fits if she indeed insulted Andrew’s date first.

    I’m more likely to not side with her considering the way she handled the note. Purely unprofessional and immature.

    I’m also less likely to support Bimbos as a customer if no discipline is taken.

  30. You are wrong. A lot of people have made poor choices here. Victoria is no better than Andrew.

    What exact rights are you referring to? Are you familiar with her company’s policies? Do you know whether she filed a complaint with her management and they ignored it?

  31. Our group from work was planning a going away party for a coworker at the ChaCha (not my choice!) which probably would have been about 20 people ordering food and drinks. We just decided today to go elsewhere. I don’t feel comfortable going to a bar where the employees think it is ok to do something like this. Sure the “lose a few pounds” remark was uncalled for and I would never say something like that, but who knows what else they might deem unacceptable and subject to “punishment”?

  32. That reviewer says he and his girlfriend had a total of four drinks and two tacos, and that margaritas were ten bucks, so that doesn’t match up with the receipt in the picture.

  33. Now that I’ve heard the other side of the story -thanks to the yelp review- the evidence for Victoria Liss ever redeeming her name and reputation in Seattle seems quite dim, and rightly so. Her actions strike me as petty and juvenile at best. Luckily I now know what she looks like so I can make the choice to never eat an establishment that this person works at. It doesn’t even seem that Victoria Liss is entirely new to this ‘point fingers and ask questions later’ mantra.

    Check this out

  34. I respectfully disagree. There’s likely another side to this story – perhaps as told at ( If that is the actual customer’s story, then the server started the situation by insulting the customer’s weight, and she simply received the same type of comment that she dished out. That doesn’t excuse the comment on the receipt, which was objectively rude, but that comment wasn’t the start of the situation.

    With respect to the situation that brought the mis-identified Mr. Meyer into being harassed, and having his family harassed, that situation was entirely brought on by the choice of the server to misidentify the individual who she served, and to post his name and information on her Facebook wall.

  35. I’d be curious to know whether the employee’s publishing of the credit card information (i.e. the name and receipt) violated the restaurant’s payment processor contract, or the associated Payment Card Industry rules. My sense would be that by not adequately training employees to honor the privacy of such information, the restaurant could have breached the spirit, if not the letter, of its contractual obligations.

  36. Let’s not forget that DAN SAVAGE’S role in this. Dan is the one that made this go viral. It’s all over the world press now, and Andrew Meyers around the U.S. have inboxes full of bile from people they have never met… especially the guy in Texas… all because DAN SAVAGE sent his flying monkeys out, without doing an ounce of investigation. Dan Savage may pretend he’s against bullying, but he’s shown time and time again that he himself is king of bullies. Also, it’s all over the Slog comments now that this is not the first time Victoria Liss has accused the wrong person of a crime…

  37. Victoria works for a business. Her job is to serve customers and turn the funds and receipts over to the business. That is all. That is what she is paid to do. Receipts are NOT her personal property to do with as she pleases. They belong to the business that employs her. End of fucking story.

  38. Dan Savage never showed the wrong Andrew Meyer’s photo nor did he link to his Facebook profile. All he reported was Victoria getting a receipt with the message on it; he did show a photo of the receipt. He did say that Andrew Meyer lives in Kent and works at Microsoft – facts reported by Victoria. And neither one of these apply to the wrong accused Andrew Meyer so the. And while you say that “Dan is the one that made this go viral,” I would think that Slog, which is mainly read by people in the Seattle area, had a far less influence on the spread of this than Jezebel and Gawker. So mainly I’m saying you’re full of shit.

  39. Really. Bad shit happens. Some people are real mean… stupid… unkind… dipshitty… douchy… etc. Duh. That’s life.

    For this to have become a local, much more, a national issue is preposterous.

    All of us encounter unbelievable imbecilic people who screw us or try to screw us in this or that way. Hopefully we learn to deal with it in a way that does not cause us too much grief. The idea is not to end up in therapy paying someone to heal us because a douche ruined our day.

    For “Texas Andrew Meyer” to have been object of such a wave of hate from total strangers is gross, ridiculous, wrong, etc.

    All involved should be way ashamed and profusely apologetic.

    The moronic magnitude of this whole episode from start to finish is dumb…. dumbfounding.

  40. to leave a comment where you call Liss a bitch or wittily point out her weight, I’m going to remove it. There’s plenty to say about this without being a pig about it. For those of you who haven’t visited a community news site like CHS before, this comment environment isn’t an abandoned wasteland like you might be accustomed to on other sites. Please keep the conversation on track and useful.

  41. some people just never learn do they @carbondate? that review was posted this past wednesday, at the height of the “outrage”, by someone who created that yelp profile in october 2011 (the month we are in right now) and only has the one review – the one for bimbos. there’s a high likelihood that this review is FAKE.

    so, no, you don’t have the other side of the story. until the real andrew contacts chs, the slog or any of the other new outlets that have posted this story, we won’t know the other side of the story.

    and internets, when are you going to stop taking what a web page says as gospel? just because it’s online doesn’t make it true. all the postings on facebook around this shit should prove that to you. stop with the links and “evidence” already.

  42. @louie lou i.

    andrew meyer didn’t create the situation, victoria liss did when she posted about it. andrew’s comment, while rude and douche-y, regardless of what victoria said or did to him, was his communication to HER – not the internets. she decided to air it for the world to see and created the situation.

    and stop GUESSING! jesus, have people not learned a lesson through all of this? you can’t guess at who someone is just because a similar name is on an internet page. the only people who know who the real andrew meyer is are the real andrew meyer and victoria liss (and even the latter likely can’t be believed). your little link to a voter registration site, with no photos, doesn’t mean anything.

    just because someone lives in the same zip code as bimbos doesn’t mean they’ve ever gone there. i live in 98122 and there are a lot of places i’ve never gone. i’ve never been to linda’s and i live three blocks from it. so stop the bullshit of guessing and investigating; you’re not magnum p.i.

  43. Seems to me that there’s boorish behavior all around (except for the Texan Meyer, and I’d bet he’ll get boorish soon with a frivolous lawsuit for some easy money). However, nothing rises to the level of going viral except the misinterpretations.

    Victoria misrepresented her interaction with the customer, if the Yelp review is not a work of fiction. The customer launched an offensive but not disproportionate counterattack with the note on the bill. He shouldn’t have tried to correct the incorrect bill by raiding the cash jar, if he even did that, but I doubt he would have been arrested if he explained his motive.

    If the claim that a friend contributed the Facebook ID to Victoria’s wall is right, then all she did was post a portion of the bill without an sensitive information except the guy’s signature, which is gauche but not a horrible sin.

    All quite amusing, except for the plight of the Texan Meyer, and he doesn’t seem badly injured, and I sense he is pleased to be able to point out the dangers of blundering around the internet and get some favorable news coverage about his unfair treatment.

  44. “He did say that Andrew Meyer lives in Kent and works at Microsoft – facts reported by Victoria.”

    No, not facts, mistakes. And Savage never bothered to double check if they’re true, the first job of a reporter. But then, Savage doesn’t deal with facts, merely his opinion of them. Don’t confuse his typically sloppy writing with actual journalism.

  45. Metoo,

    Tiz you who is incorrect here. And her “rights” are her “legal rights” to do as she pleased with a personal message written to her on the stationery of the writer’s choosing. Furthermore, if incidents on the Yelp story are 100% true, this solidifies the already-extreme probability that the message from Andrew Meyer or his party was indeed directed to her.

    THE LAW supercedes her “company policies” and any court in the land can remind you of such.

    SRC – anytime somebody writes “See ID” on the back of a credit card it “violates” those “contracts”, but everybody knows that businesses favor the almighty dollar over whether or not they comply with the contracts they make with C.C. companies. Have you ever known of an employee anywhere who was “adequately trained” to NOT accept credit cards without a valid signature on the back? Summation: those so-called “contracts” are barely valid in that they are so often abused and ignored that it has become commonplace to disregard them.

    And, mister ‘rank’, you apparently don’t have a clue:

    ONCE a personal message very clearly directed to Miss Liss was written on the stationery of the writer’s choosing, it doesn’t matter if said stationery was a $100 bill, a water bill, a g-string, or a wadded-up, self-proclaimed-fish-wrapper like The Stranger, it became HERS to do with as she pleased.

    That which is due to come down upon Andrew Meyer at any moment now shall result entirely from Andrew Meyer’s own doing. Others involved have merely been “messengers”.

  46. This website did not “publish” said signature. They merely “republished” something that was already in the public domain.

    With that they have no cause for concern either legally or morally.

    Were your implications correct, editors at The Stranger would have long ago been eliminated by radical relgious fools for their “publication” of a cartoon many years ago.

  47. I think the waitress’s actions were particularly hateful. I sure hope she and Bimbo’s do get sued.

    If the guy didn’t tip and wrote the comment (there’s part of me that thinks he just didn’t leave a tip and the waitress wrote the comment later to make him look worse), yeah he was being a jerk. But you know what? That’s what it’s like when you have a job dealing w/directly w/the public. And it can be hard. I’ve had jobs like that and it’s why I don’t take them anymore. (BTW, the vast majority of people are not jerks; but it does happen on occasion).

    But her payback was way beyond the pale. What, she was stiffed $5/$6? And I’m sure working on Cap Hill she gets worse comments like that every week, esp on the weekends.

    She needs to be fired. And I’ll certainly be taking my business elsewhere. I wouldn’t feel comfortable or safe there now. (I have eaten there, and not had a bad experience myself).

    She’s very lucky someone didn’t attack that poor Andrew. Heck, I don’t think even the real Andrew would’ve deserved that. Then there would’ve been real grounds for a lawsuit.

  48. I hope they fired her as well!

    There is a reason why the call it gratuity.

    Your employer pays your wages and I decide if the service is worth the 20% I tip on a consistent basis. 30% if warranted.

    After reading the Yelp posts is sounds as though things went south when Shane left! Business owners really need to start paying attention to sites such as Yelp and share the reviews with employees.

    Servers and owners please understand that I am your revenue stream and that you should be proud that you work in and or own an establishment which I have selected of my free will. I could have picked any other establishment. I picked yours to spend my money. Yes my money. No I don’t own you nor do I have the right to demean you in anyway but until I’m done it’s my money and my time.

    I worked in the service industry from the supplier side and it is really a pleasure to watch people do their jobs with a smile on their face. For all involved.

    Liss, if that Yelp review was any kind of indication of what Meyer and his girlfriends experience was like, you deserved what you got. Kick rocks sport.

  49. I completely agree with you. I think the waitress is the person here who was in the wrong. Totally. 100%. She should be fired. (JSEATTLE, have you tried interviewing the owners? I would like to hear their response.)

    I find this whole incident very scary. I hope the real Andrew Meyers is NEVER pinpointed. People say rude shit all the time. That doesn’t mean they should have their privacy invaded,receive the wrath of a local lynchmob, become the center of local and national media stories and receive death threats.

    I really wish people would channel all of this rage at the real criminals in our society, you know the goverment and the big corporations. Not some guy who called a waitress fat.

  50. As far as the allegation that Mr. Meyer robbed the tip jar, this allegation was made by either Victoria Liss or one of her surrogates…hardly a credible source. I doubt very much that it happened.

  51. Awesome letter Jenn! Seeing how Liss has handled this, I am thinking she must have done something to deserve the zero tip, but the weight comment wasn’t appropriate.

  52. Victoria is nothing but a c*nt who thinks she deserves a tip. I used to frequent chas often for burritos, and unclear if I have ever seen her, however I wont be going back.

    You are owed nothing and have to earn my money. I haven’t heard what the Andrew guy did to make him leave no tip, but nothing should be expected in the service industry. In years when I don’t get a raise, I don’t go around flogging management.

    Thats exactly what a tip is – an unexpected bonus.

  53. @zeebleoop … The yelp review is legit. You’re absolutely right that it was posted mid-week (he apparently procrastinated on his rant until he had time to create a yelp account and vent about his experience), but I can confirm that he didn’t even know about the “outrage” until after someone actually messaged him about it on Yelp. He doesn’t go by his legal last name (Meyer)… which explains why he dodged the Facebook onslaught and was completely oblivious when he wrote the review. And also… there is pretty much zero chance he’s going to ever come out with his side of the story to slog, CHS, news outlets, etc. He doesn’t want the negative attention and he’s protecting his girlfriend (the person who actually wrote the fat comment). Also no chance he’ll sue Victoria Liss or the bar… his family is loaded. So in other words… this story is officially over unless some of the “fake andrew meyers” band together to sue.

  54. This chunker needs to be fired. She did not have to make a circus out of this, there is always two sides to a story. she was probably a bad server or acted rude and a tip is not automatic if you are a jackass you dont deserve the tip or your job.

  55. That is precisely what this whole blow-up has been about:

    Drew Meyer and/or his girlfriend “L” were, as you say, “pigs” about it.

    They just didn’t seem to like it when they were one-upped in the most entertaining and hilarious way.

    Nobody begrudges “D” & “L” the right to have left a $0.00 tip for what may or may not have been lousy service. That happens all over many times every passing hour in western society. It was their own, individual, “piggish” statement which is soon to bring society down upon them.

  56. The brain-dead thinking employed in this matter by a small group is akin to observing a member of a particular minority race having committed actual crimes (where Liss remains guilty of none relating to this case) AND THEN somehow justifying addressing the member of that minority race by a certain “N-word” just because you think him a criminal.

    It’s one thing to have tossed such terms around on the playground in 4th grade, but when you are someone who, as an adult, very clearly made such a written reference on a document bearing your identity, then you’ve gotta take the fall.

    Just because there are no “Obese Community Leaders” and “Waitstaff Community Leaders” coming out of the woodwork, and flying across the continent to do some grandstanding at Victoria’s side, doesn’t make Drew Meyer’s actions any different or less offensive.

    This whole episode continues to have zero to do with who Victoria Liss might be as a person, as it remains, as always, Drew Meyer and “L” vs. society as a whole.

    Drag Drew and “L” out of their drainage ditch and watch society decide which side is correct and which side is blatantly wrong in the matter.

  57. I would hope the gentleman she wronged will take legal action. Until people are held responsible for their behavior this kind of thing will continue. Her hold attitude sickens me! Oppps I made a mistake lets all just forgive and forget (like she did). Maybe the best tip someone can give her is to just grow up.