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Department of CHS corrections — Terra Plata <strike>is not</strike> was never opening Friday

Sigh. Of course. Just after we’ve been bitching about the irritating trend of local foodie media to post endless updates about when a restaurant is going to open its doors, we have to post an update on a when a restaurant is going to open its doors. Last week, we gave you a first peek inside Tamara Murphy’s much-anticipated addition to the Melrose Market. We also told you Terra Plata’s planned opening was this Friday. We were wrong. The email from Murphy was crystal clear. CHS failed to read exactly what “opening party” meant. Sometimes, we are dum. Murphy’s series of pre-opening events starts this week but she’s steering “earth to plate” Terra Plata to a last week of October public opening. Now you know. We almost 100% promise to not post another update on their opening date. Better to just follow along at

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2 thoughts on “Department of CHS corrections — Terra Plata <strike>is not</strike> was never opening Friday

  1. You plaster an innocent man’s picture on a post with a strong accusation and won’t apologize, yet apologize for getting a restaurant opening incorrect?


  2. Thanks for your ongoing concern on behalf of Andrew Meyer. We have not yet been contacted by Meyer or anybody representing him. We’re easy to reach at or (206) 399-5959.

    Our post simply banned him from A ridiculous notion. As ridiculous an idea as a bunch of bars banning him from Capitol Hill. We’ve removed his picture. And, also ridiculously, un-banned him. He’s welcome to continue to read CHS. And so are you though I don’t know why you would want to given how frustrated you are by the site and its continued success.

    Now excuse me. I get to go take pictures of a bunch of kids doing jumping jacks to help break a world record.