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Man directing traffic at 19th/Madison construction site busted for pretending to be a cop

A man in full police uniform and armed with a service revolver directing traffic at the construction site at 19th and Madison was arrested Tuesday morning by Seattle Police for impersonating a police officer:

A former Neah Bay, WA police officer was arrested near the edge of Capitol Hill Tuesday morning after Seattle police found the man in full cop uniform, with a gun on his hip, directing traffic near a construction site.

Police records say a former co-worker of the 45-year-old man called SPD and reported the man was doing traffic control at 19th Ave. and E. Madison St, even though is is not a “currently commissioned” officer in Washington. Records say the man who called police employed the 45-year-old man in Neah Bay—on the northwestern tip of the state—until September 23, 2011.

The Seattle PI reports that the man “got a contract to work for a company about a week ago because they needed a uniformed officer to work at the site.”

The man was working at the 1818 E Madison mixed-use apartment project construction site.

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9 years ago

Instead of arresting a man who was mistakenly contracted to do a job, SPD arrest the street kid who has been sleeping on the side of Pike by the Tully’s on top of mounds of trash making a mess of the entire block with his stolen goods from QFC?

9 years ago

Really? You’re probably just trolling, but do you really think there’s nothing wrong with an ex-police officer working in Capitol Hill in full uniform with a loaded gun and extra ammunition? Police are authority figures with power beyond normal citizens for a reason, and we can’t have just anyone running around pretending to be police.

9 years ago

Did the kid sleeping on trash have a gun, too?