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The CHS City Market Sign Project

CHS watched the outrage documented by mainstream media around City Market’s outrage-ous Amanda Knox lampoon and thought, “We don’t do enough to celebrate those signs.” Let’s put an end to that right now. Here’s the deal. Be the first to email/tweet/Facebook an image of the latest City Market sign to us and we’ll feature your proud work in a post along with an opportunity to pimp your Twitter account, a link to your business or some other brilliant message (subject to CHS approval!) that you’d like to share. Make sure to note your personal promo when sending the picture. Thanks! And thank you Cain Morehead (read about him here) and Bellevue Ave’s City Market for keeping us entertained and well fed.

Thanks to The_User_Abides for posting this Phoenix Jones send-up via Reddit Seattle.

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10 years ago

Awesome! I walk past there twice a day on weekdays. I’ll do my best to snap pictures when I see new ones.

10 years ago

There are a number of pictures of City Market signs at

Mr. May
10 years ago

One of the reasons I live on the hill is to get away from the small minds and persecution encountered elsewhere from being “different”. Weather it is being gay, in an interracial relationship or just about any flavor of freaky you could find, you were safe from it on the hill of tolerance. I have been in a relationship with an older woman for almost 20 years and I was offended by the Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore sign I saw in front of the city Market. That sort of HATE is not very hill like. I can not vouch for Demi or any other MILF or GILF but I can assure you, my wife’s meat is just fine. Other than that, I usually enjoy the signs; asshole. It is shit like that that is bringing the hill downhill.

Laugh Police
10 years ago

Grow a sense of humor.

10 years ago

I second the advice to grow a sense of humor.

10 years ago

You’re too easily offended.

10 years ago

I think (in general but especially in this instance) making fun of celebrities and public figures is fair game, and says nothing about your relationship.