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Capitol Hill’s longest running ’80s night still running, CHS obituary be damned

You can’t really hum along but our favorite song of the ’80s goes something like this:

Well, I’m Mike D, and I’m back from the dead…

1989. Check it. We doubt it will be on the playlist tonight when all the all ’80s celebration of life, booze and dancing rises from the grave. Rock Lobster is not dead.

If you haven’t heard yet, DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND “Rock Lobster” has been extended for another season at Neighbours.

Before I go on, I just wanted to say a BIG THANKS to EVERYONE who pledged their support for “Save the Wave” during C89.5FM pledge drive. You made “Save the Wave” the HIGHEST pledged show on C89.5!!! WOW

Last week we had about 300 RSVP, I expected maybe 350 in the door, it had all the makings of a very nice farewell. Low and behold we had a 1100+ through the door… it was obvious that the night still had some life in it (the owner and manager also felt the same way).So I put it up to a public vote (I wasn’t going to continue unless everybody had my back). Everybody voted (with non opposed) to continue the night…. the 99% has spoken…. BTW, thanks :-)”ROCK LOBSTER” is ALIVE and KICKING tonight at NEIGHBOURS!!!!


JUST A HEADS UP. (this applies to Nov 17th only)As promised I WILL BE SPINNING at 8PM, however I will be starting my mix in the UNDERGROUND!Tonight from 8PM-10PM on the “MAIN FLOOR” is a PRE-BOOKED event called “Debauchery”. I will be moving up to the MAIN floor as soon as “Debauchery” raps up.


Last week, CHS wrote an obit for the club night that had lasted a remarkable 17 years on Broadway. “It’s the economics of the night,” DJ Trent Von told us. “It makes sense. I found where my audience went. [It’s now] Thursday mornings vs. Thursday nights.” But apparently Von’s audience found him again last Thursday night and the weekly all-’80s dance night will continue its run — with an earlier start time.

Did CHS get played?

Probably. Who cares? Neighbours has bigger worries. Shake your rump-ah.

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Snarky Amber
9 years ago

Rock Lobster is like the Pike Fit Co. of 80s nights.

9 years ago

80’s huh? They were cool,,,

Michael Strangeways
9 years ago

Hmmmm….maybe a thousand people showed up because CHS (and, I’ll modestly say, SGS) wrote about it…

Mr. Von owes us.

9 years ago

That’s usually what does it. Folks showed up only because it was the last time. Give it another month or two and folks will stop going again. It’s a tired show. It had a great run but now is the time to retire. For that matter, the whole bar is pretty tired and probably should retire.

Ernest Tee Bass
9 years ago

Witty! What about the furniture and Oriental rug stores that are almost always going into clearance mode?

As a side, there are a few beach stores back East, that are so aimed at the tourists, that they name themselves names like “GOING OUT for BUSINESS”. Then they have these huge banners with the name in large font except for “for” which is tiny.

9 years ago

I am sorry, I felt used. It was “the last night” for Rock Lobster. I rallied about 20 of my friends for this event. I use to love going to this on Thursday nights. The problem with the event was that it didn’t get going to after 11 PM, the crowd is way too mixed (Neigbour’s use to be a gay club) most of the music became obscure 80’s B-side remixes (maybe you could sing along to 1:10 songs), and the drinks are weak. The new night life for Thursday’s is the Baltic Room. It’s current, crowded, and fun. My prediction is that Rock Lobster will be back to emptiness in a matter of weeks and we will have another “closing” event in the first part of the New Year.