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Central District News | Twilight Exit owner opening new bar at 23rd and Union

Twilight Exit’s spiritual connection to Capitol Hill is strong — it lived, for a long time, in the old edge zone between Capitol Hill and the Central District along Madison before moving to its Cherry home nearly three years ago. There are more than a few that would say it moved some of Capitol Hill with it. Now, owner Stephan Mollmann and the Twilight’s Shira Bray are partnering on a new venture to replace the legendary Thompsons Point of View at 23rd and Union. Our sister site Central District News reports:

The people behind the Twilight Exit are opening a new vegetarian-focused bar and grill at 23rd and Union called The Neighbor Lady. The new bar is moving into the space recently vacated by Thompson’s Point of View, the decades-old southern soul food restaurant that closed in September due to about $14,000 in back taxes.

Thompson’s had a rough year and a half. Carl Thompson, Jr died unexpectedly in the spring of 2010 at the age of 51. Carl had been a centerpiece of the restaurant since it started serving up North Louisiana-style food in 1986. The restaurant stayed in the family with his wife Gail taking over.

Inspired by some European bars, the Neighbor Lady’s theme will be “urban brothel, but not too westerny,” said Stephan Mollmann. Mollmann is the owner of the Twilight Exit at 25th and Cherry (a CDN sponsor). He and Shira Bray, also at the Twilight, will be partners in the new venture.


23rd and Union is not a new border for “Capitol Hill” but the intersection continues to change. An empty lot still awaits development but businesses in the area continue to push forward on transforming 23rd and Union from the area where SPD introduced a special Drug Market Initiative to curb violence and crime surrounding the trade.

Mollman said the new spot will specialize in vegetarian comfort food and is inspired by a favorite Amsterdam bar. It is expected to open early in 2012.

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9 years ago

That is awesome!

9 years ago

I hope that this area continue to improve with businesses like this and that the drug dealers, gangbangers and prostitutes that have ruined this area move somewhere else. The moon seems an appropriate place for them.

9 years ago

The CD has already been taken over by Hipsters. The gentrification is undeniable – when will it stop?

9 years ago

Shut up troll

9 years ago

Ahh yes true, we all must compete for a space in Seattle now.