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Hill Style | Glasses at Odd Fellows flea market

I met Rosene last Saturday while perusing the Century Ballroom flea market in the Odd Fellows building. She had a booth up on the stage filled with all different kinds of jewelry and when I walked up she said “Everything is $5!  Some is worth more, some is worth less, but I like to keep it simple”.  She told me about how she has always loved bold glasses and the conversations that they start.  It worked on me.  We talked for quite a while while I looked through her jewelry and she was kind enough to let me take a photo.

This was my first time going to the Flea Market.  It was really nice!  Definitely check it out if you enjoy treasure hunting. If flea markets aren’t your thing you may actually find this one to be the exception… it was very clean, organized and the sellers were really friendly.  There was even a restroom that all the vintage clothing booths were happy to let you try your clothes on in.  It is great seeing this in the neighborhood. I hope it sticks around.

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